The Winter Solstice on 12.21.12 (in the Northern Hemisphere) is a significant celestial event as it marks the return of more sunlight into each day. For centuries, cultures around the world have been celebrating the Winter Solstice with festivals that honor light.
The 12.21.12 date has long been earmarked as significant date. We have heard it all, from apocalyptic, catastrophic events to a galactic alignment and balance. Which perspective you are leaning towards?
We live in an amazing, yet difficult time. There are unbelievable pressures placed upon us through our own decisions or the decisions of others. But these changes are necessary, as we are in the midst of necessary inner shifts, which bring about changes in the outer world. With these changes it is sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy perspective.
Before we turn the cosmic wheel into another New Year, take time this week for reflection of this powerful “year of change.” What lessons have your learned? What lessons will you carry forward to 2013? What attachments can you release? Where can you love more and fear less?
There is a recurring theme of light and dark that occurs on a physical and symbolic level. For centuries there has been an imbalance between light and darkness. Light is symbolized by love, while darkness is fear. We have a beautiful gift called free agency and always have a choice in everything. But with our choices there are also consequences.
Fear is a powerful force. When we have doubtful and fearful thoughts, everything around us contracts. Doubts become amplified and fear feeds them creating a vicious cycle. As we focus on what we fear, we amplify attracting more experiences where we feel fearful.
How do you dispel fear? By bringing in light. Stand in a dark room and light a candle. As soon as the candle is lit the darkness no longer exists. Light is hope. Light is love. Light is a powerful force, that when chosen consciously, will illuminate everything. With love everything expands.
Each of us carries a light within us. We have a choice to honor and enhance our light by choosing love. We also have the choice to feed our fears. It is up to each of us to choose our intention. Through conscious choices you can enhance your ability to hold more light by practicing love.
Love is the most powerful energy we have. It is something that radiates from within us, and affects all of those around us. It is easy to become imbalanced and only project love to those who show us kindness. But this isn’t true love. Love doesn’t judge, have attachments, or conditions; it simply exists.
As we prepare for the Winter Solstice practice bringing to love and light to those who cause you pain. The light will dispel the darkness and shift the relationship. Begin bringing in more light into your physical body by envisioning sunlight entering the crown of your head and filling your heart. Allow the energy to consume every cell of your body and expand beyond your physical body. This practice creates momentum for the Solstice and the coming year.
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Choose to bring in more light for yourself and others during the Winter Solstice on 12.21.12 (6:12am EDT 3:12am PDT). Dispel darkness and fear by creating some sort of “light” ritual by lighting candles, building a fire, or envisioning sunlight coming into your heart; asking your Creator for peace, love, and joy in your world!
Happy Holidays from the New Moon Manifesting Staff!