The Virgo Full Moon reveals information, helping you see where you’ve neglected yourself. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of your behavior and emotions that hold you back for achieving and receiving more. It helps you breakthrough limitations by highlighting them so you can make adjustments.

Virgo Super Full Moon
The earthy Virgo energy is practical and responsible. It brings to light the necessary routines that help you run your everyday life – what you eat, how you take care of your physical body, and where you’re overextended. The Virgo Full Moon takes place on February 19, 2019 at 10:53 am ET (7:53 am PT).  This Full Moon is supercharged because it’s closer to the earth making it even more intense. It reminds you to address issues related to your personal health and well being.  To adequately take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.  Where have you stopped taking care of yourself? Remember to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others. Virgo reminds you to take care of yourself through routines, self-discipline and supporting your physical body’s needs. As you do this you’ll be more energized and grounded. It’s the consistent, little steps that make the biggest difference.

Detox and Release
The Virgo/Pisces axis reminds you to find balance between taking care of yourself (Virgo Moon) and helping others (Pisces Sun). As an earth sign, Virgo brings in the practical elements that you need for survival.  It helps you reconnect with your priorities. It’s a time to tune into your physical body and ask, “What do I need?” How am I taking care of myself? Do I need more activity? Eat better? Sleep more/less?

Virgo helps you get a feel for what you “can” take care of, and reclaim your power by listening to you physical body’s needs. It supports you in detoxifying what no longer serves you – physical and/or emotional cleanse. Where do you need to recommit to “yourself” to be more effective in the world.  With this full moon your personal needs (Virgo) are balanced with the generous spirit of Pisces. Pisces is a water element. It is dreamy, spiritual, compassionate and romantic. This full moon may highlight where you’ve taken on too much of other people’s energy in an attempt to support them. It’s important to be compassionate and listen to others without taking on their stuff. Keep in mind, you are only responsible for you. Let go of other people emotions and expectations.

Personal Re-commitment!
The practical, disciplined Virgo energy is steering you towards tuning inward and listening to your personal needs. To personalize your approach, pull your astrology birth chart with “transits” to see what House Virgo is falling in for you. Then review what is coming up or how you’re getting triggered with this Full Moon to resolve what needs to be healed. As you do this, big energy shifts will take place.

To enhance your healing, Neptune (magic) is moving through Pisces along with Mercury (communication), helping you up your spiritual game and be more compassionate. It’s giving new perspective about yourself and your spiritual practice. Neptune is the planet of the spiritual growth, observation, daydreaming, and fantasy. It brings to light areas of your life that you may need to dream bigger, and fantasize about the life you really want to create. With Neptune in Pisces there may be questions related to the spiritual programming you were raised with, and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It’s helping you align with Universal truth.  Mercury moving with Neptune helping you communicate a new message. You may have flashes of insight related to a higher perspective of spiritual truth.  You may experience glimpses of your purpose or ideas that move you closer to what brings you joy. Review your birth chart with transits to see what House Pisces is located so you attune these energies to support you.

What will you do Release with the Virgo Full Moon?

What parts of you or power will you Reclaim?

Happy Virgo Full Moon!