The Capricorn Full moon asks us to view things from a different perspective and look at unique solutions for answers to the questions we’ve been asking.
The Full Moon
The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 6:58pm EDT (3:58pm PDT). Like all full moons, we are influenced by the polarity between the sun and the moon. The full moon brings to light how we relate to everyone and everything around us. It’s a good time to reflect on what emotions are arising are conflicts that are pushing our buttons. We get clues from the external world as to what we need to release and resolve within us.
The Capricorn – Cancer Polarity
With this full moon we are juggling the polarity between career and home. What area is pulling your attention? Capricorn is the archetype of the father. It influences our career, independence, and finances. It inspires us to take responsibility for our lives and feed our outer need for social status and accomplishment. On the opposite side we have Cancer – the archetype of the mother. She is nurturing, compassionate, and influences our home base. This energy asks us to resolve an issues related to being dependent upon others, strengthen our roots, and honor our origins.
Cancer, as a water sign, encourages us to draw from our emotional strengths and trust our gut instincts. Our emotional side is our guidance system. They indicate how we feel about situations, ourselves, and other people. The new moon brings opportunities for unique and innovative solutions in our career if we listen to the intuitive nature of the Cancer sun. Because of this support, we may be able to achieve significant progress in both your personal and professional life.

Capricorn, as an earth sign, supports following our passions and living a purpose driven life. It helps us realize that the work we do in our career is not just a means to an end. We all bring our gifts and talents to the earth to share and heal ourselves and others. What challenges have you overcome and how can us use those strengths to support the evolution of humanity?
Tangible Tools
Spending time in nature, doing yoga, meditating, and exercise support our ability to shed external influences and get to the heart of what we want to create.
Essential oils are another tool that help us find balance and support our growth and evolution. They hold a consistent vibration that supports our body’s chemistry and restores balance. With the Capricorn Full Moon use essential oils such as:
– Frankincense – supports the masculine energy, spiritual awakening and connection, and reveals inner truth
– Sandalwood – supports over thinking things, enhances spiritual devotion and aligning with Divine will
– Clary Sage – opens the soul to new possibilities and experiences, opening creative channels and clearing emotional blocks
– Myrrh – enhances the ability to feel safe in the world, connected with Mother Earth, and trusting and feeling secure
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Use the powerful Capricorn Full Moon to enhance your confidence. Tap into its ambition to boost your independence and resourceful spirit. Enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon!