Capricorn Full Moon – Truth

There is a sense of upgrade around Truth with the Capricorn Full Moon. You may be seeing yourself or a situation in a clearer perspective. This Super Moon is incredibly powerful and will pull deeply on your emotions and psyche to help you see your Truth. The Capricorn Moon is calling you to get clarity around your purpose and to follow it. This full moon is pushing you towards your destiny, and the legacy you want to leave.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon shines its light on what you need to see or understand. It’ is deeply emotional, highly sensitive, intuitive and emotional. Discover how the Sagittarius Full Moon is impacting you by pulling your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House the Sagittarius Full Moon is in for you. With each full moon, you have the opportunity to heal and resolve emotional wounds.

Exposing Truth

The Capricorn Full Moon is also a Super Moon, having a more profound impact on your emotions. It is conjunct Pluto, shining it’s light on the places in your life you feel controlled. The Moon is illuminating your personal Truth, especially with Pluto. It may be triggering deep emotional wounds that need to be observed and healed. Pluto relates to power and helps you reclaim situations where you have felt powerless. The moon is helping you reclaim your power and stand firmly in your Truth.

The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on  July 13, 2022 at 2:37 pm ET (11:37 am PT). The Full Moon may be providing insight into emotional wounds that relate to your personal power and your career or status. To discover how this full moon is affecting you and where you may be experiencing closure, locate 21 degrees of Capricorn in your astrology birth chart and 21 degrees of Cancer, where the sun is located to gain clarity.

The Moon and Pluto in Capricorn are providing empowering opportunities to see yourself in a new perspective. They are magnifying you on the outer stage. On the inner stage and home base, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer are helping you assess your personal life. It’s important to look at where both the Moon and Sun are to receive greater clarity around what areas of your life this is taking place. Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to determine what houses the Sun and Moon are located in.

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The Capricorn Full Moon is a great time to revisit the goals you commited to six months ago with the Capricorn New Moon. This Full Moon is also within a degree of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in January 2020. There is an opportunity to review how you have grown over the past two and a half years.

Capricorn (moon), as an earth sign, is grounding and practical. As the last earth sign of the zodiac wheel, this Full Moon is the highest expression of you in physical form. It is represented by your outer world, the work that you do or what you are know for, and creating your long-term vision in physical form. The Moon may be reflecting any fears or limting beliefs you have in putting yourself out there. The Moon and Pluto are being supported by the North Node and Uranus, guiding you to a higher perspective of yourself.

Opposite of the moon is Cancer (sun). Cancer encourages you to focus on your inner world. It relates to your emotional security, and compassion and caring for yourself and others. Mercury conjunct the Sun. In Cancer Mercury can either verbalize what it wants or needs or stifle communication around what it needs. Be open to what is showing up for you so that if it is important you do speak up and express what you want and needs. Although it may be difficult, expressing your Truth is vital to other people understanding your needs.

The Capricorn Full Moon is helping you see your Truth and connect with your authentic self. It’s giving you insight into your personal growth over the past couple of years, as well as what you want to take forward. It’s helping you let go of the things, people and circumstances that no longer serve you. Althought it may feel difficult to let go, there is a reason these situations are taking place.

What essential oils help you feel uplifted and see your truth? Frankincense is grounding and provides a sense of stability. Emotionally it supports you in aligning with your truth and standing strong in what is important to you. Black Pepper helps you dispel false perceptions and see the truth. This is a great essential oil to break addictive habits. Phyically it supports your digestive and nervous system. Copiaba & Sandalwood help you align with your true purpose and follow your divine purpose.  Apply the oils over your pulse points, over your heart or wherever you feel inspired. What essential oils are you drawn to use?

Astrology Support

The Moon + Uranus & the North Node are at beautiful trine. Uranus is helping you break through old patterns and help you align with what you value most. The moon is supporting this transformation with deep healing, awareness and truth. Capricorn also relates to creating a new systems that support your ongoing transformation and evolution. Uranus is accelerating the process, shattering old systems and programming. Uranus is also quite innovative, providing new solutions to existing problems. It is helping you re-align your values, while the Capricorn moon is showing you how to authentically live those values – which is your truth. Uranus provides shocking and liberating opportunities that may shift you in a whole new direction. Be open to divine inspiration and guidance to lead you.

The Sun & Mercury + Uranus & the North Node – are at a beautiful sextile. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer there is a sense of retreating to your comfort zone and staying with the old patterns, while Uranus is shaking things up to move you out of it. There is often discomfort when making changes. Cancer is highly intuitive and helps you tune into what you feel. You may be sensing this change without know what it is. Uranus is awakening you to higher levels of yourself and your bigger dreams.

Neptune & the Moon is sextile the Moon and Pluto. Neptune in Pisces is very dreamy and helps you deeply connect with bigger manifestations. With the Capricorn Moon, your insight and new steps may be very practical. You may have a deeper understanding or emotional commitment to your dreams with this Full Moon. The Moon may be enhancing your emotional perspective and provide clarity to the next step. Tune into your dreams to discover the next right step for you.

capricorn full moon, astrology, manifest, manifestations

Neptune & Venus are at a square. These two planets are highly creative and deeply emotional. Neptune is in Pisces may be helping you dive in deeper to what you really want. Venus aligns with your heart’s desires and what you value most. With this square there could be a clash between believing things could work out or that your ideas could come true. Journal about what your biggest, boldest life would look like, claiming it as if it has already happened. This square may provide you with confirmation to keep moving forward.

Saturn & Venus are at a trine supporting you in creating the structure you want that aligns with your values. Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini are both in air signs. There may be ideas coming together or clarity you are receiving related to your next steps.

Step into your power and honor your heart’s desires.

Review emotions as the come up or times when you get triggered.

Live heart centered! Mindfully align with what matters most.

What will you do Release with the Capricorn Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Capricorn Full Moon!