Cancer New Moon – Trust Yourself

The Cancer New Moon is helping you emotionally connect with your goals and what you want to grow. Being emotionally attached to your goals helps you reach them. Your emotions related to your goals will either propel it or hold it back. As the first water sign in the astrology wheel, this Cancer New Moon is personal. It hits “home” since Cancer represents homebase. It supports you in going within to develop trust with yourself, so that you realize that emotional security comes from within. Without this sense of security, it is easy to reach outside yourself for answers and direction. However this may lead you astray. Cancer supports you in developing and aligning with your emotional and intutive body. As a water sign, it’s all about what you feel and trusting your gut instinct to guide you.

Review your astrology birth chart to see where 7 degrees of Cancer is within your chart. What astrology House does it fall in for you? Each new moon begins a new lunar cycle and provides a clean slate for the cycle. It’s a great time to plant new seeds, begin new projects or start something new depending on the house it falls in for you.

Trust Yourself

The Cancer New Moon is bringing awareness to your emotions. What do you feel is coming to the surface? It may be providing clarity about a specific situation or person. Knowing where the New Moon is in your birth chart may provide guidance towards what area of your life it is affecting. It’s important to tune into your emotions and how you feel about yourself and your life so that you gain clarity about your next step.

June 28, 2022 at 10:52 pm ET (7:52 pm PT) is the Cancer New Moon. As water sign, Cancer is upgrading your emotional intelligence. In Cancer, it asks you to be compassionate and take care of yourself, as well as the people you love. What can you do to enhance your self-care routine? When your cup is fulll you are emotionally available for others.

Take time every day for your needs and desires. It’s important to fill your cup to support you as you navigate the difficulties life throws your way. By tuning into your personal needs and managing your emotions, you discover how to react less and respond to what is happening. This New Moon is the perfect time to get your “home” in order so you have a sanctuary to escape the world and restore balance.


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Personal Boost

With Jupiter, Chiron and Mars in Aries, there is a boost of energy, moving your forward. Jupiter is pushing your Cancer New Moon goals forward, telling you to go for it. There may be a sense of hesitation because this step is pushing you outside of your comfort zone. Cancer, symbolized by the crab, is good at “side stepping” things when it’s uncomfortable. However the Jupiter (in Aries) at a square with the Sun and Moon there is a push (more like a shove) moving your forward. Jupiter is providing the rocket fuel to expand your desires. The Sun and Moon in Cancer want to be comfortable. Jupiter is a kick in the pants, inspiring you to take a leap of faith. It’s providing you with confidence and courage to follow your gut. Be mindful about indecision and realize it’s part of this energy. Trust your gut and go for it! Review your astrology birth chart to discover the areas of your life this is affecting.

Jupiter is also at a sextile with Venus in Gemini. Both Venus and Mercury, in Gemini, are helping you communicate effectively what you love and want. You may have been all talk, and now Jupiter is saying, “Put your money where your mouth is and just do it.” It’s a good time to tune into the thoughts you’re having and express them to the people that need to hear them. You may be surprised at how they respond, when you are heart centered with the Venus support. Venus and Mercury are looking for support with new ideas and inspiration.

Although you may not feel fully prepared or confident in moving forward with the Sun/Moon in Cancer, Jupiter and Mars in Aries and giving you a nudge to move forward anyway. One of the biggest challenges in taking action is stepping into the unknown. Embrace the uncertainty! This is a moment feeling the fear and also trusting your heart. You will go far if you can let go and trust yourself.

Other Astrology Influences

Jupiter, the Sun & Moon – Jupiter is squaring the Sun and Moon. It is expanding emotions, sensitivities, intuitiveness and compassion. Cancer is the sign of the Mother. There may be issues you are resolving related to your mother or children. It also is bringing up protecting your family. It may also support you in creating physical or emotional security, helping you realize security doesn’t come from stuff or other people, but from within. Jupiter could be expanding your emotions, bringing to the surface what needs your attention to resolve.

Uranus & North Node – are almost conjunct. They will become exact later in July and then be conjunct with Mars on August 1st. Uranus and the North Node are helping you break through something and opening you up on a deeper level. The North Node relates to the collective consciousness and where you and humanity are moving. Uranus is the higher mind of God. There is a sense of awakening and seeing your growth on a new level. You may be feeling the tension building with this conjunction. It’s going to be something that helps you move forward – whether it’s getting out of your own way or something else moving out.

Uranus supports you in taking quantum leaps towards your goals. It is disruptive and breaks apart elements of your life that are not aligned with your highest good. Since it is in Taurus it may be impacting communcation, how you value yourself, stock markets, currency and supply chains. Since Uranus relates to awakening and truth, there may be massive shifts in consciousness within yourself or people around you. This conjunction will push your goals and dreams forward in a positive way. Make sure you stay out of your own way so you stop limiting progress. Things may turn out better than you think.

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Raise Your Vibe!

Use the recommended resources below to support you in releasing fears, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Review your astrology birth chart to determine how this New Moon is affecting you, and join us for the New Moon Masterclass and Meditation to learn more about this New Moon and how to Manifest everything you want.

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Trust yourself and what you feel.

Be mindful of what you are ready to grow and expand.

Be courageous and honor where you are going next.

Happy Cancer New Moon!