Gemini Full Moon – Transition

The Gemini Full Moon is boosting your confidence to make changes and move forward. Mars is conjunct (next to) the Full Moon and is asking to review your choices and decisions before moving forward. There may be frustrations coming to light as Mars wants to take action. However, before moving forward this is an important Full Moon to tune into how you feel about it. Are you moving in the direction that aligns with your values and what you want most? Or are you falling into old patterns, doing the same thing – expecting different results.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon brings to light what needs your attention. It’s often a highly emotional time where your intuition may be intensified. Notice situations that are triggering you and who or what is pushing your buttons. Identify what you are feeling so you can release and resolve it and reclaim your power. Discover how the Gemini Full Moon/Eclipse is impacting you by reviewing your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House Gemini and Sagittarius are in for you, then check out the chart below to identify areas of your life that need balance to be restored.


The Gemini Full Moon is helping you understand the experiences you’re going through. Instead of feeling victimized or wondering “why me,” look at the situation and ask yourself, “What am I learning from this, and what can I teach?” This shifts you out of emotions and helps you see the situation from a new perspective. The Gemini Moon helps you see yourself from a different perspective. It gives you insight into how your thoughts and perceptions shape your life.

The Gemini Full Moon takes place on December 7, 2022 at 11:08 pm ET (8:08 pm PT). Gemini rules the mind and affects communication, your decisions, networking and perceptions. Since Gemini is represented by the twins, it brings in duality or helping you see both sides of a situation. Because of the twins energy, you have see two options and need to make a choice between them. Gemini primarily rules the lower mind, and with the full moon there may be light shed upon specific situations that help you understand yourself or a situation more clearly. Opposite of the moon in Gemini is the Sun in Sagittarius. The Sun it pulling you towards your higher-mind and seeing things from a broader perspective.

You may be receiving new ideas and inspiration to process. This Full Moon is helping you tune into how you “feel” about the information and what you may want to change as a result of it. There may be new insight that is moving you in a different direction. Let go of expectations of how you thought things were going to work out and be flexibile with possibilities.

gemini full moon, astrology, manifesting

Dream a New Reality

The Gemini Full Moon is providing an opportunity to see new choices and opportunities. The Sun in Sagittarius is optimistic and pointing you towards a change. The Moon in Gemini is asking you to consider how you feel about it. Mars retrograde in Gemini is helping you reassess, review and revise your plans. As you reconsider options, you may end up going in a different direction. You may feel frustrated because you thought you were going one way only to discover that wasn’t the best option. Your emotions may get triggered due to this frustration. Be mindful about your emotions and use tools such as breath work, meditation, taking a walk or essential oils to let go of resistance and get back into flow.

Be mindful of your thoughts and how you are speaking to others. You emotions may be getting the best of you and you say something you don’t mean. Pause before speaking so you’re not reacting to a situation instead of thinking about the infomation and responding. This is an important Full Moon to make sure your words (spoken, written and implied) are aligned with what you really feel. This is a great time to observe your first thought and reaction, then process it for a bit and see how your perceptions shift after thinking about it. There may be golden nuggets of information in that gap that support you in making better choices and decisions.

With the Full Moon there is a sense of closure in some area of your light. It may also be shining it’s light on an area of your chart that needs attention. Be mindful of where the sun (Sagittarius) and moon (Gemini) at 16 degrees are in your chart to determine what may be transitioning in your life. Remember that the Sagittarius Sun gives you insight into where you’re going next. The Moon will cast it’s light or bring light to support you in being aware of what is hidden from view. Be willing to surrender and release old patterns, reactions and programming and open up to something new.

Astrology Support

Venus & the Galactic Center are conjunct. Venus is the planet of love, aligning you with your values and what you love most. The Galactic Center is the place where cosmic wisdom flows to us. With this conjunction there is a sense of expansion related to your intuition and divine guidance. It supports your spiritual growth and perspectives. You may have a deeper sense of who you are and why you are here. To deepen your understanding of your unique purpose, join the upcoming workshop – Inspire Your Inner Enchantress – Discover Your Divine Purpose on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 7 pm ET [4 pm PT]. Click HERE to enroll.  Venus is a channel for profound messages that help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces are helping you expand and upgrade your spiritual self. Jupiter is at the last degree of the zodiac wheel, helping you find closure with some part of yourself. Finding where this is taking place in your life will be helpful to understanding this transit. There is a deep sense of transformation with these planets in Pisces. Where are you feeling a sense of completion or finishing things up? These planets may be helping you drop old patterns and perceptions, especially related to who you have been in the past. In Pisces, these planets are helping you dream a new reality. These planets are at a square with Venus who is conjunct the Galactic Center. This may provide you with new insights into who you want to become. Be open to see things from a new perspective and expect miracles and trust your Divine wisdom to guide you.

gemini full moon, astrology, manifesting

gemini full moon, astrology, manifesting

essential oils, gemini full moon, astrology, manifesting

Notice your thoughts and what message you are communicating.

Assess what is most important to you, and follow your heart.

Tune into your values and honor the direction you want to move.

What will you do Release with the Gemini Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Gemini Full Moon!

We have one more New Moon in Capricorn in December 2022, and then I will no longer be writing this blog about the New and Full Moons. December we will hold the final New Moon Manifesting Masterclass.

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