Tensions Rise
The moon reaches it’s peak on March 31, 2018 at 8:36 am EDT (5:36 am PDT). The full moon is a culmination of energy. Something has been building within you since the new moon. It’s a time of completion, finding balance, healing emotions, and taking your life to the next level. The full moon helps you breakthrough the old way of doing things, so you approach life from a different perspective. This full moon is a Blue Moon since it is the second full moon during the month. This moon highlights your personal desires, and how you relate to others.

Libra Full Moon
This highly sensitive full moon is helping you learn to honor yourself. Libra emphasizes harmony, peace, fairness, and justice. Libra supports how you relate with others. Partnerships and relationships are highlighted with this full moon. Relationships may be coming to an end, or perhaps there are new insights into taking it to the next level. It’s a time to assess your emotions. Which relationships help you feel secure and inspired? Which relationships are draining your energy? This full moon may help you see the fruits of your labor, so celebrate! It also may reveal secrets or something you haven’t wanted to see. As an air sign, the Libra Full Moon provides emotional objectivity. Air signs are highly analytical and may cause you to emotionally dissect your life. Libra brings to light your personal power and how that relates to relationships. Have you given your power away by playing the victim role? Are you abusing your power? Where do you need to set and maintain healthy boundaries?

Finding Balance with Libra and Aries
Each full moon presents an opportunity to find balance between the two astrology signs where the sun and moon are located. With the full moon in Libra (partnerships), the sun is in Aries (self). Aries is playing a significant role in upleveling your energy. The sun in Aries is highlighting who you are and what you really want. The moon is reflecting places where you may not be fully standing in your power. Mercury is also retrograde in Aries, causing you to review what is important and honoring your true desires. Mercury is the communicator. The retrograde period helps you re-evaluate and recalibrate yourself by helping you identify what is most important to you. The sun and Mercury in Aries is helping you release old thoughts related to relationships.

Journal with the Libra Full Moon
Restore balance by journaling. Writing down you thoughts and emotions helps you organize them and provides clarity.– Gratitude Journal: spend time writing about all the things you are grateful for and feel the gratitude within your body.
– Forgiveness Journaling: One of the most powerful practices we can adopt is that of forgiving ourselves and others. It only hurts you to hold onto resentments, lowering your frequency and ability to attract what you want. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. Tell them how you feel and either send it to them or burn it will help shift the energy and relieve the emotional wounds.
– Joy list: Make a list of things that bring you joy. Then every few days do something off your list to help your ego/mind see that you “in-joying” life.

Restoring Balance
No matter what is taking place around you, it is up to you to find tools to help you find balance and feel more grounded.
– Essential oils are a powerful source that support opening the heart and helping us restore love and trust within ourselves and others. Two of my favorite oils for the heart are ylang ylang and geranium.
– Yoga poses: such as camel pose, cobra, eagle, triangle pose, and cat/cow poses help open restrictive energy within the heart and restore flow. Use essential oils over the heart prior to yoga.
– Heart-centered meditation: Nothing is more powerful than focusing on love and expanding the vibration. Envision something or someone you love in front of you and expand that feeling throughout your body.

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Use this powerful Libra Full Moon with realign with your heart’s desires.

What are you willing to release with the Libra Full Moon?
What will you reclaim?