Ignite – Sagittarius New Moon

Can you believe it? I'm still pinching myself. It's New Moon Manifesting's 12th Anniversary and Jupiter return! In late December 2008,

Ignite – Sagittarius New Moon2020-12-08T20:55:32-08:00

Equality – Libra New Moon

The Libra Super New Moon is profoundly personal and encouraging you to find Balance and Equality. The Super Moon is a

Equality – Libra New Moon2020-10-13T11:55:43-08:00

Upgrade – Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon is stronger and bigger than a normal new moon because it's a Super Moon.  A Super Moon

Upgrade – Virgo New Moon2020-09-09T20:33:16-08:00

Creative – Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon is energizing and observant. It's helping you take what you've mastered to the next step.  Each new

Creative – Leo New Moon2020-08-09T20:00:33-08:00

Awakening – Cancer New Moon

The sun and moon join together for the Cancer New Moon.  This is the second Cancer New Moon this year. Each new moon

Awakening – Cancer New Moon2023-10-30T20:10:05-08:00

Receptive – Cancer New Moon

The sun and moon unite with the Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse. The eclipse intensifies this new moon making it a

Receptive – Cancer New Moon2020-06-13T11:21:02-08:00

Choices – Gemini New Moon

The sun and moon unite with the Gemini New Moon. It's a highly mental energy that stimulates ideas and creativity. Each new

Choices – Gemini New Moon2020-05-15T09:55:04-08:00
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