Pisces Full Moon – Spiritual Progress

The Pisces Full Moon provides an to review your Spiritual Progress. As the last sign of the astrology wheel, Pisces is putting a end to something. You may notice personal growth you’ve experienced over the past six month or have additional insight into your next steps. Notice where this is taking place in your life. You may have insight into your growth or perhaps putting a period on something. For example, next week I’m moving to Southern California. I’ve been in this place for exactly 10 years. The Full Moon provides a time of reflection and traveling inward to tune in emotionally to what is going on.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon shines its light on what you need to see or understand. It’s a deeply emotional, highly sensitive, intuitive and emotional time. Notice who or what is pushing your buttons. These are areas of your life you want to heal. Discover how the Pisces Full Moon is impacting you by reviewing your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House 18 degrees of Pisces is for you. With each full moon, brings awareness to imbalances so that you have the opportunity to heal and resolve emotional wounds.

Turn Inward

The Pisces Full Moon is dreamy and intuitive. It helps you tune into your psychic side and trust in the process. With Virgo being intense and detail oriented, the Pisces Full Moon is giving you a break. It will be a great weekend to take a break and enjoy. Doing something fun that gets you out into nature or by water to enhance your intuitive connections. By letting go you allow your intuition to guide you towards the next step, overcome a challenge or receive new solutions.

The Pisces Full Moon takes place on September 10, 2022 at 5:58 am ET (2:58 am PT). As a water sign, Pisces heightens your sensitivity and emotions. It enhances your dreams, as well as helps you see self-imposed limitations or places you feel restricted. It can be quite liberating to use this full moon to break through those situations and fears that hold you back from achieving your goals. This Full Moon is a high-sensitive time, where you may feel a deeper connection to your higher-self and spirit guides. The Pisces Full Moon takes place at 17 degrees (almost 18 degrees) of Pisces. Review your astrology birth chart with transits to see what House this is falling in your chart. This helps you gain insight into how this Full Moon may be impacting you.

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Spiritual Support

The Virgo Sun is helping you get back to routines and work. opposite the Moon. It reminds you to tune into your body and plans out what needs to take place to take care of you. This includes new schedules, health routines, check-ups and self-care. It tunes into the minute details that need to be addressed to get the health you want. Venus, also in Virgo, is helping you love yourself and focus on things that you love and value.

With the Pisces Full Moon there is a need for balance between the details of your physical world (Virgo) and the needs of your emotional world (Pisces). The Pisces Full Moon is highly intuitive and deeply sensitive, heightening emotions. The Full Moon is almost conjunct Neptune, which rules Pisces amplifying the affects of this Full Moon. The intensity of this Full Moon may be felt for a day as the moon transitions beyond Neptune soon after the Full Moon. With the Moon and Neptune conjunct, there is a deep sense of healing and insight into what needs your attention. Be mindful of what emotions and memories are coming to the surface. These are insight into what needs to be healed.

The Pisces Full Moon is providing closure and healing. By clearing out old emotions and patterns you make room for something new. Pisces supports you in letting go where Virgo wants to be in control and figure it all out. Where are you able to surrender more and trust your higher-self and the next step?  I know I’ve been doing a LOT of that with this move. On Labor Day I finally got approved for a place. This has been a process of trust and surrender and I’m deep in packing tape and sharpies. During the process I kept preparing for the move without knowing when or where. My house was almost completely packed up before I had a place to land. Within a week everything will be moved and a new adventure begins.

My natal moon and Chiron are both in Pisces. With the Moon transiting these elements of my chart in my 8th House, there is a sense of transformation, ushering in new energy for this move. Movement is important in manifesting. Whether it’s rearranging your house, cleaning things out or simply moving objects around, even small changes re-route energy to get things moving.

What essential oils help you align with your healing? Sandalwood and Clary Sage  help you understand your Divine Purpose and see your truth. These enhance intuition and your connection with your higher-self. Apply these over your Third-eye and Crown chakras to open and expand these energy centers. If you’re looking to upgrade your health and wellbeing, use Eucalyptus over your pulse points or breathe it in. What essential oils are you drawn to use?

Astrology Support

The Moon, Uranus and the North Node are at a supportive sextile. Both Uranus and the North Node and giving insight into the bigger picture and where you’re moving towards. The Moon brings your emotions into the mix, helping you follow your intuition and higher-mind to get you moving in the right direction. You may be letting go of something that you used to be emotionally attached to or shifting gears in a radical way (Uranus) that gives you more clarity and a sense of peace as you understand yourself on a deeper level. Be open to this transformative energy.

The Sun, Uranus and the North Node are at a trine. This is also a supportive placement, bringing in additional clarity to what transitioned during the Uranus, North Node, Mars conjunction in July and August. You may be seeing the details (Virgo Sun) and action steps to get your ideas into action, where before it didn’t seem possible. There may be new solutions or options opening up that weren’t available a few weeks ago. Use your intuition and guided messages to lead the way.

Mercury is going retrograde in Libra. There is a sense of reviewing, revising and restoring balance. With it taking place in Libra, you may want to think about things before responding so you don’t say something you will regret. Mercury will travel back into Virgo, helping you review details so that you fine tune things. Mercury retrograde reminds you to slow down. It’s a great time to stop the mental overload and allow space in your daily schedule to simply relax. Mercury is at a sextile to Mars in Gemini. Mars may be spinning your mental body and keeping a lot of projects in the works. With Mercury retrograde, it’s asking you to be mindful and slow down so you don’t burnout.

pisces full moon, astrology, manifest, essential oils

pisces full moon, astrology, manifest

Notice where closure is taking place in your life.

Review emotions as the come up or times when you get triggered.

Tune into your dreams to get clarity.

What will you do Release with the Pisces Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Pisces Full Moon!