The Taurus Full Moon is about releasing and letting go.
Where can you let go and have faith? Sometimes we resits letting go because we are comfortable and uncertain about what change brings. What attachments have you been holding onto? What stories have you been telling yourself? Where are you trying to control everything? Until you detach from the old patterns, moving forward is impossible. It’s time to walk away from the patterns and stories, allowing an opening up for something new to enter. And the Full Moon will reveal where it’s time for you to let go.
Taurus Full Moon – November 14, 2016 at 8:52am EDT (5:52am PDT)
This Taurus Full Moon is a super moon. Nasa tells us that this is the brightest full moon we’ve had since 1948. It’s going to have a potent, powerful, and dynamic energy on the ocean tides and our psyche so get ready. The next time we will have a moon this close will be in 2034. So see how this one effects you. What is getting stirred up and brought to light?
Grounding Earth Energy.
The Taurus Full Moon may feel more grounding and stable since Taurus is an earth sign. Emotions will still be intense, but perhaps a bit more intermittent. The full moon will bring to light the characteristics of Taurus – money and pleasure are two big areas to focus on. This is a great time to review and organize your finances. There could be specific financial issues that come to light. Or as we approach year-end, this is a good time to do some strategic financial planning, setting the stage for success in all of your 2017 financial goals.
The Taurus – Scorpio Axis
Both Taurus and Scorpio are very sensual signs. This would be a great time to have a spa day. Taurus helps us value ourselves and enjoy life. Taurus reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures, and to feel them deeply. What brings you joy and pleasure in life? Do something that brings you joy with this moon. In opposition of Taurus we have the sun in Scorpio. Scorpio reminds us to look deeply and closely at anything that diminishes our self-worth. What issues are coming to light around intimacy, buried beliefs around scarcity, or the inability to show up in all of your glory? This full moon will help you release them and reclaim what your power!
Tips for managing the Taurus Full Moon – Super Moon
1) What do you value?
With this full moon take time to determine what YOU really value. It’s easy to adopt the values of other people. But this full moon is really about determining what you value. Taurus supports us in observing areas in your life where you are stuck in the status quo versus following what you really value. This is a time to re-evaluate and determine what do you really value. Then let go of things that distract or take you off course. It becomes easier to manifest when we work towards goals that you really value. Take some time to journal about what you love, value, and want to create more of in your world.
2) Essential Oil Recommendations
Using essential oils to balance your body is a powerful tool to support the physical and emotional body. With the Taurus energy find oils that help you feel passionate and creative. Oils in the spice family such as cinnamon, clove, or patchouli inspire passion, blend those oils with citrus oils such as bergamot, wild orange or grapefruit to simulate creativity. Do you need to feel more grounded or stable? Use essential oils such as frankincense and white fir.
3) Connect with the Earth.
Since Taurus is an earth sign, connect with nature. Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Go hiking, do yoga on the beach, plant bulbs; do anything that helps you feel deeply linked to the earth. Taurus enhances your senses – cook a delicious meal, breathe fragrant essential oils, or make your home comfortable and pleasing to the eye.
4) Reclaim your creativity!
Since Taurus influences the 2nd chakra, take note of new ideas or review goals set six months ago with the Taurus new moon. What has been accomplished? Where are you seeing progress? What new steps can you take to bring your goals to fruition?
It’s going to be a powerful time!
This Taurus Full Moon is powerful because you’re powerful! Be true to yourself, speak up and honor what you believe. Find ways to maintain peace and be a role model for others. As you learn to navigate difficult situations you are able to manage your emotions and energy differently. In turn, people will look to you for leadership as an example of how they too can learn to manage themselves better.
What will you release and reclaim with the Taurus Full Moon?
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Until next time, let your light shine, by being brilliant and dazzling!