Taurus Full Moon – Shake Up

The Taurus Full Moon/Eclipse  may be Shaking things up as the moon is conjunct Uranus and the North Node. The Eclipse will intensify emotions and shifting the ground beneath your feet. It may feel like an earthquake, completely moving you out of your old life and align you with a higher energy field. Since Taurus rules your values, there may be a big Shake Up in what you find important and what you are willing to release.  You may have a new persepctive about your money, how you want to make money, and how you value money – which affects the money you receive. Overall, this Full Moon is helping you create stability. To get there, there may be some chaos to break down the old and create space for the new.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon brings to light what needs your attention. It’s often a highly emotional time where your intuition may be intensified. Notice situations that are triggering you and who or what is pushing your buttons. Identify what you are feeling so you can release and resolve it and reclaim your power. Discover how the Taurus Full Moon/Eclipse is impacting you by reviewing your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House Taurus is in for you, then check out the chart below to identify areas of your life that need balance to be restored.

Shake It Up

The Taurus Full Moon may be quite eventful. It’s taking place on the day of the mid-term elections for the United States. Since Uranus and the North Node are in the mix, there may be shift in power or unexpected results. Personally, this may be taking place within your own life, by standing up for something you believe in and speaking your truth.

Since the Full Moon is about finding balance between opposing forces (the sun and moon), this  Full Moon helps you balance your personal values and money (Taurus) with shared resources and money (Scorpio). The Scorpio sun is being flanked by Mercury and Venus, helping you tune into what you value most and speaking your truth – whether it’s better communication, setting healthy boundaries or letting go of relationships that no longer serve you, be mindful about what is coming to light and needs your attention.

The Taurus Full Moon takes place on November 8, 2022 at 6:01 am ET (3:01 am PT). As an earth sign, Taurus is typically grounding and helps you feel centered. However with Uranus in the mix, there is a shift towards whatever is for your highest good. Be open to sudden shifts that catapult you forward. Eclipses are famous for pushing you goals forward faster than you imagined. With Uranus being the “higher mind of God” and being opposite of Mercury the “lower mind” there may be a energetic pull between what your mind wants versus your heart. Your heart will always lead you in the right direction.

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Shifting Gears

When the Full Moon/Eclipse is over you may feel like you’ve been hit by a wrecking ball. There is a lot of “power” behind the last New Moon and this Full Moon.  The Sun in Scorpio, along with Venus and Mercury are shifting your perspective. You may be fed up with past relationships or power struggles that are being brought to your awareness, helping you make different decisions. You may be speaking to people differently or have a shift in perspective that is guiding you towards transforming. Trust your intuition and follow your heart.

The Sun and Moon T-square to Saturn. This T-square is shaking things up. Uranus and Saturn have been in an ongoing square for the past eighteen months. This is the last time it happens as Saturn has moved direct and will transition into Pisces in spring 2023. With this T-square power struggles or feeling oppressed may come to the forefront, helping you look at your choices differently. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and the Moon, Uranus and North Node in Taurus, all of the energy is being directed towards Saturn. It may help you see places where you have also avoided responsibility or areas you need to take responsibility for changing a situation. Saturn boosts your inner authority and gives you the courage to follow your path. You may “shock” yourself at something you say or do. This message is coming from your soul, even if you may not believe you are ready for this change.

With the Full Moon there is a sense of closure in some area of your light. It may also be shining it’s light on an area of your chart that needs attention. Be mindful of where the sun (Scorpio) and moon (Taurus) at 16 degrees are in your chart to determine what may be transitioning in your life. Remember that the Scorpio Sun helps delve into secrets and what is being hidden. The Moon will cast it’s light or bring light to support you in being aware of what is hidden from view. Scorpio is also transforming you or some area of your life. Be willing to surrender and release the old and open to something new.


There is a lot of “fixed” energy in this Full Moon. Not only does the square with Saturn create tension, but Taurus (moon & Uranus), Scorpio (sun, Mercury & Venus) and Saturn (Aquarius) are fixed signs. All of this is providing the perfect storm for some explosive transitions. Although I write about the relationship and tension between planets, the planets also have an influence on the earth. With the Moon in Taurus, there could be physical transformations such as with earthquakes or eruptions.

Since Taurus rules money, banking and the economy, there could be sudden changes such as stock markets going down or shifts in currency values. Since this is happening on the day of the US mid-term elections, there could be political shifts, unexpected outcomes or systems that get hijacked. The placements of these planets are providing a build up of energy that may come out in frustration and anger. As a result, people may vote their values, hoping to find leadership that supports them. Overall it’s going to be a fascinating time from which the fallout will be felt over the next six months.

taurus full moon, astrology, manifesting, manifestation, achieve your goals

Astrology Support

Mercury, Venus & the South Node are conjunct, helping you clear out karmic contracts. You may have new insights into what you value and there may be hidden elements that come to light. Use this full moon to honor what you value most and let go of anyone or anything that no longer supports those values. Mercury is helping you communicate your truth and honor what you feel. Venus and Mercury are also helping you see your truth and how you have held yourself back. Trust what you feel. Remember, it’s called “your life” for a reason. You are the lead character of it. Make sure you’re using your power wisely to live a life you love. The Taurus Moon is providing stability and helping you be grounded.

Uranus & Saturn are at a trine.completing their final square. This square has been on again off again for the past 18 months. It continues to breakdown old authoritative power structures (Saturn) to make room for a higher dimensional reality (Uranus). Uranus is the higher-mind of God. It is the rebellious spirit that pushes you to break free of self-imposed prisions such as limiting beliefs and fears. This square may intensely breakup old energy and patterns, providing a fresh perspective. You may be opening your eyes to new possibilities by the swift and sudden changes Uranus provides. Be mindful of transitions as gifts that are moving you in the right direction.

Venus’ Transformation through Scorpio As Venus moves forward in Scorpio, she is gathering her power and integrating what she has learned. She first connects in a trine with Neptune, she is anchoring her deepest hopes and resolving fears and limiting beliefs. As she progresses through Scorpio, Venus will be met with some significant support. Next, she will be at a sextile with Pluto (Capricorn 26 degrees) which strengthens her power. There may be a strengthening of your personal values with guidance from your inner wisdom. You may have a knowingness that you can’t explain, but you simply are sure it’s right. The third and final connection is between Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces.  Here, you may have an expansion of creativity and/or your finances. There may be new opportunities to say yes to. Venus’ last transition through Scorpio is going to be very supportive in moving the needle forward. Be mindful of what is taking place for you so that you make the most of it.

taurus full moon, astrology, manifesting, meditation, manifest, manifestation

Taurus Full Moon, astrology, manifesting, manifest, manifestation

Notice where closure is taking place and a new door is opening.

Resolve karmic patterns and contracts by writing about them and visualizing them complete.

Tune into your values and honor the direction you want to move.

What will you do Release with the Taurus Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Taurus Full Moon!

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