The full moon is a highly active and the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle. It is the climax, where the moon reflects the full light of the sun. As such, it reflects or highlights the area of your life that needs attention. The full moon supports you in revealing the truth – helping your reclaim your power.
Full Moon in Sagittarius
The Sagittarius Full Moon takes place on June 9, 2017 at 9:09 am ET (6:09 am PT). It illuminates your higher truth and seeking the truth of your relationships, your environment, your job or work, and anything you may be questioning.
Denying the Truth
It is sometimes easier to avoid seeing the truth. But that does not help you grow in the long run. This full moon reveals deeply hidden secrets. These could be your own desires for change, questioning your beliefs, or discovering untruths or betrayal in your relationships. Notice repeating messages you hear from others or your inner voice. These are clues of what needs your attention. By seeing the truth of what wants to be known, you have the support to overcome the strong emotions of feeling deceived. Sagittarius pushes you to find the truth, to speak your truth, and honor your truth.
The Truth Shall Set You Free
In your gut you often know when you’re being deceived. You may choose to ignore those feelings to stay in a relationship or situation because it’s comfortable. Sagittarius is pushing you to stop ignoring those feelings. Holding back out of fear only hurts you. With Sagittarius, you may feel inspired to speak your truth and express your authentic power. As such, relationships may become stronger or dissolve. As long as you are being honest and find the courage to express yourself, it’s worth the risk to speak up versus holding onto unhealthy situations.
Adventurous Sagittarius
In addition to living more authentically, Sagittarius is forward thinking and focused on the bigger picture. It always has a goal or action in mind. There may be inspiration related to new and better ways of doing things related to your work and personal life. With the Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, there may be a strong desire to seek a deeper level of spiritual knowledge. Sagittarius helps you explore higher realms of spiritual truth. It is teachable and the teacher. It is the explorer. As a forward thinker, it also encourages you to look further down the path, and broaden your perspective.
Questions to Ponder
You may be wondering how to begin with the ideas that are flitting around. For a day or two before and after the full moon, use grounding techniques such as mediation, gardening, spending time in nature, yoga, or mindful breathing to help anchor your ideas to feel less overwhelmed on the process. Connect with activities that bring you joy and happiness. Use essential oils such as Frankincense – which supports you in seeing the truth of a situation or your truth. What essential oils are you attracted to with the full moon? Apply them over the third eye, along the spine, and the bottoms of your feet.
When the full moon in Sagittarius, the sun is in the opposite sign of Gemini. Gemini stimulates communication and being social. Gemini is idea driven. With the full moon, internal conflicts may arise between Gemini’s side of logic and reason and Sagittarius’ side of living with faith. It’s important to find balance between the two. If you are too analytical, and need to know all of the steps in the process, then you may miss important clues that lead you in the right direction. When you live only by faith, you miss the human duality experience of trial and error which ultimately leads to your growth. Find balance between faith and logic to support you.
Sagittarius Full Moon Rituals
1) Make a list of recurring messages or emotions that are coming up. Journal about them and how they make you feel. Identify anyone you need to forgive. Acknowledge the situations you want to release where you have given your power away. Think of words and emotions you want to use to replace what you’re releasing.
2) Use grounding tools such as yoga, breath work, essential oils, meditation, or other activities to help visualize difficult situations or emotions are being released and sent to the heavens or into the earth.
3) Create a ritual where you burn your list from step 1, allowing the smoke to let the energy go.
4) Visualize yourself and your life “as if” what you identified in step 1 has been released and you have reclaimed your power and living authentically.
There is an ongoing theme coming to light with the Sagittarius Full Moon – what is true and what is fake. Being aware of this may help you see the truth of a situation so you avoid defending your version of the truth. This may help you in aligning with your higher guidance and standing in your personal power.
What are you willing to release with the Sagittarius Full Moon?
What are you willing to reclaim?