Emotions soar with the Virgo Full Moon.  This full moon brings to light all things Virgo – health, minute details, earth wisdom, routines and habits. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of emotions, behaviors and beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving and receiving more. The full moon reflects insight into what needs to be resolved if you’re willing to listen. The Virgo Full Moon is about physical (Virgo) and emotional (Pisces) renovation.

Virgo Full Moon
The Virgo energy is bringing in change on a physical level. As an earth element it brings to light elements of the earth that support your physical body. The earth provides all you need to heal – plants, essential oils, etc. It’s a time to turn to the wisdom of the earth to find solutions for any health concerns you may have.

Virgo also relates to the perfectionist. It has a strong mental theme as it’s ruled by Mercury. It’s a reminder to manage your mind. Check in with yourself throughout the day to determine what you’re thinking. Shift negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on February 27, 2021 at 3:17 am ET (12:17 am PT). Virgo brings in pratical steps and necessary routines that help you run your everyday life – what you eat, how you take care of your physical body, and where you’re overextended. It helps you declutter your physical and emotional health. This is a great time to assess your personal health and self-care routines. This full moon is action oriented and helping you get things moving in a very practical way. It’s a great time to declutter your home and prepare for spring.

Renovate Your Mind & Body
The Virgo/Pisces axis reminds you to find balance between taking care of yourself (Virgo Moon) and helping others (Pisces Sun). As an earth sign, Virgo is methodical, efficient and organized.  It helps you reconnect with your priorities. It’s a time to tune into your physical body and ask, “What do I need?” How am I taking care of myself? Do I need more activity? Eat better? Sleep more/less? Virgo helps you get the routines down so everything runs like clockwork.

The Sun in Pisces is helping you renovate your mind and emotional body. Your spring cleaning may involve dejunking your thoughts and being more mindful. Observe your self-talk, is it boosting you up? Your thoughts are magnetic and are the foundation for manifesting more. It’s easy to run on autopilot and allow the endless self-sabotaging thoughts to run your life. This is a  good time to stop the criticism loop by consciously replacing negative thoughts with one’s that focus on your dreams, your strengths or positive affirmations. This is a great full moon to declutter your emotional body too. Do emotional release work with journaling, yoga, get body work done, do a juice cleanse, go on a retreat, or anything that shakes you out of the normal routine and resets your system to align and receive higher frequencies.

Battle Ground
Uranus and Saturn
are locked in an ongoing battle throughout 2021. These two powerhouses will be at an exact square three times in 2021 – February 17th, June 14th and December 24th. Saturn in Aquarius restores the Power of the People. Saturn is about structures and in Aquarius it’s about restructuring the mind – helping you shift perceptions about yourself and the world. Uranus creates shocking changes that may shake you out of your story. It shines a light of truth. It will bring to light things that are out of integrity – including any parts of yourself. This year will be very revealing and may create deep, sudden transformation.

Uranus wants freedom, Saturn wants control. Uranus wants innovation, Saturn wants established systems. Uranus inspires revolution and humanitarian issues. Saturn is rigit and authoritative. Who will win this battle? Uranus! As an outer planet, Uranus is demanding transformation, equality and truth. Uranus restores the power to the people. Iin previous astrology cycles where Saturn and Uranus squared off, it brought about erratic swings in the stock market and economy. This information isn’t intended to incite fear, but to help you be aware of what could happen. This is an opportunity to align your personal power with what matters most to you. Review your astrology birth chart to determine where the power struggles could be showing up in your life. Observe what’s transitioning within you and in your outer world. Learn to go with the flow and embrace what feels good to you.

Tune into messages your physical body is sending you.
Be receptive and adaptive to what it needs.
Fine tune your habits and routines to maximize your results.

What will you do Release with the Virgo Full Moon?

What parts of you or power will you Reclaim?

Happy Virgo Full Moon!