Scorpio Full Moon is intuitive and transformative. It’s brimming with infinite possibilities if you’re willing to go with the flow. It brings to light what has been hidden and a sense of change within you. This Scorpio Full Moon is Super moon filled with intensity and passion. It’s pushing buttons and illuminating emotions. It relentlessly strips away what no longer serves you, allowing space for something new. Each Full Moon highlights the area of your life needs attention and healing. It may reveal emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving and receiving more. The full moon reflects insight into what needs to be resolved if you’re willing to listen. The Scorpio Full Moon reminds you to transform (Scorpio) so that you shift your outer world (Taurus).

Scorpio Full Moon
The Scorpio energy is building intensity from mid-April until the actual Full Moon. The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on  April 26, 2021 at 11:31 pm ET (8:31 pm PT).  With the Full Moon there is a sense of completion. Review your birth chart to see where this is taking place for you.

With this Full Moon, the moon is closer to the earth, making it more emotional and amplified. Plus Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs, activating emotions hidden on a deep level. Scorpio is bringing to the surface something that is ready to be resolved. This full moon helps you heal, purify and transform deep emotional wounds and move beyond them.

Scorpio supports healing through energy work, therapy and other modalities that help you release past trauma. As a water sign, it’s deeply intuitive. Use your intuition to guide the healing that is ready to take place. Be in the flow instead of control.

Revolutionary Shift
The Scorpio/Taurus opposition could feel like you’re locking horns with others or even an internal battle comes to light. Scorpio demands transformation. It’s bold and driven, getting to the heart of issues. Taurus is typically more passive, however with Uranus moving through here, it too is demanding change. This full moon could ignite a personal revolution that awakens and permanently transforms you.

Scorpio reveals what’s been hidden. There may be secrets coming to light either in your own life or on a global level. These secrets could be related to finances and money (Taurus) or related to Scorpio themes such as transformation, shared resources, control, death, sex and hidden desires. Scorpio connects you with your inner world.

Taurus rules your outer world. As an earth sign, it helps build your intentions in physical form. It’s the practical side of money, finances, etc. It rules money, currency and banking. There could be innovative changes (Uranus) in those areas. Taurus also rules the senses and the body. There may be changes taking place within your body and how you feel. There may be a sudden change in how you care for you body or switching out your old patterns (Saturn) and into something new (Uranus). Something needs to shift. It may be an eruptive change that completely transforms your life moving forward.

See what’s coming up for you and instead of suppressing it, simply take a couple of deep breaths to allow the energy of it to move and release. The Scorpio Full Moon is literally going to be shining a spotlight into dark corners.

Re-shaping Your Life
The sun in Taurus is joined
by Uranus, Mercury and Venus. These planets opposite the moon have a strong influence on you. During the later part of April you may have new insights, ideas and inspiration. Mercury and Venus will be conjunct to Uranus, taking this area of your life to a new level.

Mercury & Uranus is bringing innovative ideas, inspiration and possibly shocking news. You could see new possibilities and hear from others on how this information is supporting your next step.

Venus & Uranus supporting you in aligning with what you love and value most. There could be surprising news about a new direction or a deepening of your values that support your truth. Be present with what you feel and realize things are happening for your highest good.

Venus and Mercury conjunct is helping you communicate or receive messages anchored in love. Trust the messages you receive. Instead of looking in the rear view mirror to determine your future, look forward with wonder and curiosity.

Saturn at a T-square with the planets in Taurus. Saturn and Uranus are at a square for most of the year. Saturn is control, Uranus is freedom and growth. Where do these aspects fall in your chart? There’s a sense of divide and this super moon will highlight other perspective. There is a deep sense of polarity and holding onto your perspective, while others have a different perspective and also hold tight to their beliefs. There’s a sense of locking horns with valid perspectives for both sides.

Tune into your intuition.
Openly transform the old.
Be Limitless & Trust What is Being Revealed!

What will you do Release with the Scorpio Full Moon?

What parts of you or power will you Reclaim?

Happy Scorpio Full Moon!