The molten lava bubbles deep from within the volcano. It is active, goes with the flow, and let’s off steam as it prepares to blast through the earth. You can learn to be like the volcano, and allow the molten middle of our unconscious to burst forth, releasing the energy, and transforming you with each full moon.
The Full Moon
The full moon is a time of completion, bring something to an end. The moon relates to your emotional body, so the full moon amplifies what you feel. It is also a culmination or climactic point of the lunar cycle, like the volcano erupting. It stirs up your emotions and illuminates what has been hidden from your perceptions. This intensity inspires breakthroughs in your patterns and programming, helping you see yourself better.
The Scorpio Full Moon
Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs. The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on May 10, 2017 at 5:42 pm ET (2:42 pm PT). It digs deep into the unconscious to dredge up emotional wounds that have been suppressed or repressed. This full moon may bring forth a sense of restlessness and intensity. The juices within you may be bubbling and pushing you to make a change. Who can you forgive? What situations or people are triggering unhealthy emotions that you’re still holding onto? Scorpio often represses and buries emotions. It’s time to dig deep and let go anything that no longer serves you. Scorpio – sign of focus, laser beam focus. What is coming to mind for you? What new ideas are inspiring you? In addition to Scorpio, there is celestial support from Mercury (lower mind) and Uranus (higher mind) that the is creating original thinking. Take time to journal all of your ideas and play with the ones that keep resurfacing.
Balancing the Scorpio – Taurus Energy
The full moon takes place with the sun and moon are 180 degrees apart. The moon reaches the peak of it’s cycle. During the full moon phase, the sun fully reflects its light on the moon. When the moon is in Scorpio, the sun is in Taurus. Scorpio helps you see hidden emotions and brings them to the surface to be healed. With this full moon the emphasis is on deepening and strengthening relationships. The moon may shed light on understanding yourself and others by providing information related to the “hidden” aspects within others. This inner guide will help you in assessing if the relationship is valuable or it is one to release. Scorpio is highly intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and willing to look at the wounded self. See what is coming up for you or being reflected to you through other people – so you can transform the parts of you the are hidden. The Taurus energy also follows the theme of healing relationships. It works on the practical side by helping you see what you value most. Also issues related to security in relationship could crop up. Are you staying in a relationship because it provides security? How can that dynamic be transformed into building self-sufficiency? Are you noticing issues related to security and your relationship with money? Use this full moon to release old ways of thinking and prepare for the new.
Transform Your Money $tory
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Living Your Truth
Scorpio encourages you to live from a deeply authentic place. This full moon supports you, along with other planetary influences to seek and live your truth. Mercury, which rules the lower mind and Uranus, which rules the higher mind, are joining forces at this time to shift your thinking and perspectives. You may have a flood of new ideas and inspiration. Uranus is the planet of awakening. You may experience shifts in your conscious and unconscious minds. Over the next year, you may feel very stirred up as Uranus is creating radical change and seeing the truth about everything in life. We are all being called to live a deeper truth – to walk your walk and talk your talk. It is calling you to live from a more heart centered place.
Healing Past Wounds
Healing past wounds by replacing them with successes in the present. It’s okay to let go of the fears from the past. Honor your experiences and what wisdom you’ve gained, then let them go by seeing the healthy relationships you have around you. The Scorpio moon and Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces are supporting you in letting go of the old relationships. With this energy combination, there is the potential to transform a lack of self-confidence into genuine self-confidence by taking action. deepening existing relationships and forming new relationships that are genuine and profound. There is a great opportunity towards relationships that have the emotional complexity you may be craving. With all the healing work you’ve done, be open during the time of the full moon to engage in new relationships that have a transformative effect on you. Through experiences we learn to heal the unhealthy qualities within you. In doing this you’ll stop repeating the patterns. Consciously replace the negative experiences with positive ones, so the ego mind can see you’ve changed and as such the relationships you’re attracting are healthier for you. This will have a huge impact on yourself and self-confidence.
Relationships and Essential Oils
With the Scorpio energy focused on healing emotions and relationships, look to essential oils that support you in releasing fears. Juniper Berry and Basil support you in letting go of fears, and fearful reactions. Apply these along the spine or over the adrenal glands (mid-back). To support expressing yourself better, use Lavender over the throat. It calms the nervous system and helps you in speaking up. Frankincense helps you in unearthing the lies you tell yourself or you believe from others. In “seeing” your truth, you’ll have more information to make better and more confident decisions. Apply Frankincense on the top of the head, along the back of the neck and over the heart. As you can see there are many essential oil options to support you with the transformative Scorpio Full Moon. Need help in deciding what to use? Contact me and we’ll set up a time to discuss what you need. You can also learn more through our Facebook group – Good Vibe Oil Tribe.
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This intense and transformative Scorpio Full Moon sets the stage for unique opportunities to see yourself differently. Be more mindful about your reactions, and discover what emotions and relationships need your attention.
What will you release and reclaim with the Scorpio Full Moon?