The Scorpio Full Moon reveals elements that you typically like to keep hidden. It supports you transform the old story. It could be as simple as learning to let go of the mask that you hide behind. The Full Moon may contain shocking and unexpected information or events. Each full moon presents a time of release. It’s the peak of the lunar cycle, and a culmination of your efforts. It is deeply emotional and helps illuminate the unseen elements of  your unconscious and psyche.

Scorpio Full Moon
The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on May 7, 2020 at 6:45 am ET (3:45 am PT). As a water sign, Scorpio is emotional and intuitive. This brings to surface hidden fears and emotions. These fears may relate to the beliefs that people won’t like you if the saw the real you or truth. As a result emotions get suppressed and often rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments. The cost of holding onto that perception is heavy and burdensome.

Scorpio helps you gets to the heart of issues and releasing repressed emotional wounds. It’s a good time to let go of old patterns to all room for the new to come in. Scorpio is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It holds a container for you as you let go of emotional wounds and patterns. It provides space for you to rebirth a better version of yourself, aligned with your true self.

Shattering  Illusion
The Sun and Mercury in Taurus are opposite the Full Moon. These two planets are helping you understand the lies you’re telling yourself. The Moon in Scorpio is striping away the illusion. It’s helping you notice where you’ve felt powerless. Scorpio is a reality check. With Scorpio everything is a process. It’s the sign of transformation. There may be shocking situations that shake you out of your comfort zone. No surprise there, with everyone in lockdown. Notice what fears are surfacing. Where are you holding onto beliefs that no longer server you? This is an opportunity to see things differently and therefore be different. Temper your reactions so you are present with what you feel and what beliefs you defend. The ego-mind will immediately race to try to protect you. Allow your intuition to be your guide.  Tune into what you feel. As you let go of the illusion you’ll rise to higher levels of consciousness and emotional power. Rebirth!

Activated Power!

The watery Scorpio energy is helping you take back your power. It is supported by Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. These planets are supporting you in seeing perceived limitations and how to let them go.

Scorpio helps you tackle difficult emotions that hold you hostage from standing fully in your power. Pluto and the Moon are helping you breakthrough and heal from situations where you feel/felt powerless.  Take time to journal about emotions that are coming up. Use mantras, prayer, and meditation to forgive others who have hurt you. This Full Moon may be very liberating if you follow your guidance of your higher self in resolving core wounds. As you release these wounds, replace them with want you want – more love, feeling valued, respected, and honored.  

Deep Knowledge
The Scorpio Full Moon is also opening you up to deeper knowledge and wisdom. It’s helping you step into your spiritual gifts. You may have a sense of knowing where you need to go, but out of fear or timing haven’t taken that leap. Life is transforming now, for some this is exciting and they are ready to embrace the change. For others, it’s amplifying fears. It’s bringing to the surface the need to control the outcome. Let go. Surrender to the process and take the Leap of Faith! Let your inner voice be your guide. It’s time to transform your old story.

To work with the Scorpio Full Moon, trust your intuition and follow your gut instinct. This cosmic energy is directing you towards your destiny if you’re willing to tune in and let it guide you.

What will you do Release with the Scorpio Full Moon?

What will you Reclaim?

Happy Scorpio Full Moon!