The Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
occurs on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 8:07 am EDT (5:07 am PDT). It’s a great full moon to take note of how we feel and what we need. Libra is all about relationships and finding balance.
The Full Moon brings light to hidden aspects of ourselves
that need to be addressed. It is an emotional time filled with opportunity for healing and growth. The Lunar Eclipse intensifies the Full Moon. Lunar eclipses symbolize powerful endings, clearing out, or closure. It is a time of major transitions that represent letting go and purging the past. There may be some sort of crisis that acts as a catalyst where there are sudden realizations of what we want or need in relationships. These declarations may be raw, as full moon emotions tend to arise so quickly we feel explosive.
The Libra – Aries axis reminds us to find balance
between others (Libra) and self (Aries). Libra supports us in seeking balance within relationships and how we interact with everything around us. When needs go unmet or unexpressed, there are imbalances in relationships. The full moon helps us see what those hidden desires are and supports us in expressing them.
Reinvent relationships with the Libra Full Moon.
We can reinvent ourselves and the way we show up in relationships. When we are inspired to make changes and take action, the entire relationships changes. Change depends upon us. We can wish for other people to change, but ultimately it’s up to us to change. This allows us to step into our power and create the life we want.
The Aries sun supports personal change and expansion.
Aries helps us move forward and reminds us to leave behind any self-serving behaviors. Any relationships that are rooted in power struggles can be transformed with this Libra – Aries opposition. By releasing the old paradigm to control others through manipulation, domination, or other fear-based behavior, we open up to new channels of expression rooted in love, passion, and support. We are reminded to be innovative, open, and flexible to change versus remaining rigid and controlling.
Fairness is the guiding principle of the Libra Full Moon.
Ask for guidance, support, and use intuition to determine when to stand firmly or when to compromise. Be mindful of emotions that are coming up and work through them using journaling to identify what you are feeling. Then create a ritual around releasing these emotions, replacing them with what you want or unconditional love.
Libra Full Moon Questions to Ponder:
Where are imbalances showing up for me?
How do I enhance my relationships with everything?
How do I set better boundaries?
How do I find more balance, order, and harmony?
Honor yourself with the Libra Full Moon
by seeking harmony and balance. Find a balance between giving and taking. Release any co-dependent tendencies and power struggles with this powerful Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.