Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon is rejuvenating. It’s giving you refuge from the outer world, and reminding you to return to home base and what helps you create emotional security. It’s intuitive and supports you in aligning with what feels right for you. Each New Moon represents a time of setting new goals, plant new seeds and begin new projects. It’s an opportunity to set new intentions, begin new projects and expand existing ones.

Intuitive & Compassionate

The Cancer New Moon is nurturing and compassionate.  As a water sign, it’s intuitive and emotional. Typically the New Moon is an emotionally calm time, with the sun and moon conjunct, but with this one the sun and moon are opposite of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto symbolizes transformation, regeneration and perhaps new perspectives. Notice anywhere you’re experiencing resistance and where you’re i flow. Release resisting because whatever you resist, persists.

The Cancer New Moon takes place on July 9, 2021 at 9:16 pm ET (6:16 pm PT). Cancer is sensitive and emotional. It is the energy of home base, emotional security, family, protection and love. It’s reminding you to love, care for and nurture yourself. With Pluto in Capricorn opposite, issues related to power, authority and control may come to light. Since Pluto is an outer planet it may feel like someone’s power is overbearing or this new moon my show you places where you’ve lost your power and have the opportunity to reclaim it and heal. There may be a desire to cower and stay small, but this is an opportunity to breakthrough old patterns that have restricted you.

Cancer is reminding you to tune into your emotions and let go of feeling victimized.  As you heal yourself you’re more available for your own family and have the capacity to support other people in your community or groups you’re interested in supporting with your gifts. Your sense of family may be expanding. Recognize your transformation as an ability to support the collective consciousness and helping humanity heal.

Restore & Rejuvenate

Cancer is protective. It helps you stay emotionally safe. It supports you in protecting yourself and your family. It may feel like it’s easier to side-step issues coming to light. Maybe you’re noticing power struggles or how you’ve given your power away. This is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf and reclaim your power. Take baby steps and focus on making progress.

Cancer also helps you recognize that creating “emotional security” is an inside job. It’s not created by having the right person, house, job or bank account. True security is created by developing a relationship with your higher-self and learning to live in flow. Use meditation, yoga, walking in nature or whatever helps you connect with, trust and follow your intuition. Validate each step you take and build confidence in yourself and the process.

Cancer is your sanctuary. It’s an important time to take a look around your home and see what needs to be upgraded to help you feel calm, relaxed and secure.

The Sun, Moon & Neptune are at a trine with the New Moon. Neptune is retrograde and supporting you to tune into your deeper desires. It’s teaching you to go with the flow. With Neptune in Pisces and the Sun/Moon in Cancer, there is a dreamy, creative energy. It’s supporting you in aligning with your heart’s desires and learning to trust yourself. Stay clear of overthinking things or thinking about all the steps you need to take. This placement helps you enhance your ability to be in flow.

Practice feeling peaceful several times a day to help you stay aligned with your truth. What tools helps you navigate emotional outbursts and feel calm?

As you disconnect from whatever or whomever triggers your emotions and tune into what brings you peace, you’ll enhance your intuitive connection and be able to expand those moments of calmness.

Other Planetary Influences

The Sun/Moon are interacting with several outer planets that may knock you out of your orbit. There’s big movement and transformation taking place. The Sun/Moon in Cancer is reminding you to tune into what feels right to you and moves you towards what you want most.

Mercury in Gemini has moved direct. It’s opposite the Galactic Center, bringing in new higher level information. Use your meditations to tune in your antemna to downloaded information. It may take some time to integrate into your body and decipher how to use it.

Saturn in Aquarius continues to be at a square with Uranus in Taurus. There is a clash between structure (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus).  Because Saturn is retrograde, Uranus has the upper hand in this square. Uranus in Taurus is helping you tune into what you value most.

Uranus is the higher-mind. It’s helping you align with what you want most. This may include letting go of the old way of doing things or seeing things from a new perspective. Be objective and observe what’s taking place for you. Trust your heart and follow guidance that supports what you want most. For example, I value my time and what flexibility and freedom to have the time to do the things I love – spending time with my girls and friends, digging in the garden, playing tennis, practicing yoga, hiking mountains, walking on the beach, running with my dog, creating fairy gardens. What do you value most? What will help you create the flexibility to get more of it?

Mars & Venus in Leo are pushing you to be more courageous and follow your heart. Tune into what you want most and follow your personal will and desires. There’s no need to settle. You can have it all!

The Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde) have been opposing each other. This may create a power struggle with others or even within yourself. Mars in Leo is helping you see what you’re moving towards and want to take action on, while Pluto is reflecting what is ready to be resolved so you can move forward. Be open to what is transitioning for you and face any fears.

Where is the Cancer New Moon taking place for you? Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to see what House 18 degrees of Cancer falls in for you. This will help you fine tune your goals and align more deeply with the Cancer New Moon.

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

Tune into your intuition.
What is helping you create a safe space?
Practice self-care to ground yourself so you feel confident in yourself.

What goals will you set with the Cancer New Moon?

Happy Cancer New Moon!