Aries Full Moon

There’s forward motion as four planets moved direct by October 18th and some major influences cardinal signs. Instead of spinning your wheels, there’s a sense momentum. The Aries Full Moon is helping you take the necessary action steps. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re not being impetuous and consider various options with Mars conjunct the sun and opposing the moon. The opposition of the Sun (Libra) and Moon (Aries) are pushing you to grow through healing personal emotional wounds. Notice what emotions are coming up and who or what is triggering them. It’s reflecting where you need to focus your attention.

Highlighting Progress

The Aries Full Moon is highlighting progress for you since the Libra New Moon. Aries is all about “who you are in the world.” There’s a sense of newness and doors opening or some sort of action moving your dreams forward with this Full Moon. You may notice a deeper awarness of who you are and identifying your emotional needs versus taking care of others. This is important to know so that you do maintain balance in any of your relationships (Libra).

The Aries Full Moon takes place on  October 20, 2021 at 10:56 am ET (7:56 am PT).  With this Full Moon, Mars is stealing the show. It’s conjunct (next to) the sun in Libra and opposite the Moon in Aries. Because Mars is a few degrees behind the sun, it’s literally fueling the forward momentum of the sun. Plus Mars is the ruler of Aries, activating healing on a deep personal level and tuning you into what you want most in relationships. With Mars in Libra, it’s helping you restore balance, harmony and speaking your truth in regards to relationships. Review your astrology birth chart to see what House the Aries Full Moon is falling in for you. The moon is highlighting this area of your life and you may have additional insight into what wants to be healed.

Dynamic Balance

Have you been running on empty? The Aries/Libra axis is helping you reclaim your power! Aries is the warrior. She’s a fighter and helps you reclaim parts of yourself you’ve given away. Since the New Moon two weeks ago, the moon has had contact with almost every planet as it transitions to the point of the full moon. This is helping you call back parts of yourself and reclaim your power. It’s a dynamic and powerful Full Moon. Aries aligns you with courage and passion – helping you be brave and take action. Harness it’s energy and reclaim your personal power, as well as determine next steps you’re ready to take.

Each full moon is a reminder to find balance between opposing forces. Opposite the Aries Moon is the Libra Sun. Libra reminds you to find balance in relationships, while identifying what you need emotionally (Aries Moon). Libra brings in equality and peace. There’s a sense of listening to your needs and making sure you’re not giving too much to others or in relationships. The moon is highlighting any areas where your boundaries are shakey and helping you shore those up so you’re providing for your emotional wellness.

Be mindful of places in your life where you’re giving away too much. Use self-care to refuel your tank so you’re available for others. Without this self-love, you’ll feel depleated and miss this golden opportunity for this powerful time for an energetic and emotioanl upgrade.

Other Planetary Influences

Pluto Squares the Moon & Sun. This T-square is bringing up fears you may have about your personal power. Pluto helps transform and transmute imbalances in your inner authority and supports you in reclaiming it. You may have the guts to speak up and express something that has been bothering you. This is a great time to identify any power struggles or places where you’ve given your power away. It’s a good full moon to release these and reclaim your personal power.

Jupiter & the Sun are at a Trine. Jupiter is expanding your ideas and moving foward. It’s providing insight into next steps. With the Sun and Moon in cardinal signs, there’s a sense of initiation or starting something new. Use your creative journal to write out ideas and be open to inspiration and taking action on next steps. Jupiter supports you in expanding your inspiration and Aries and Mars support you in taking action.

Mercury & Jupiter – both move direct on October 18th. This is a pivitol day in preparing for moving forward. When planets move direct there’s a sense of shifting gears that leads towards creating momentum. It may be a different perspective than you thought. Be open to possibilities as you feel into these few days prior to the Full Moon.

There’s a sense of movement in mid-October as four planets move forward.
Tune into emotions and reclaim your personal energy so that you create the momentum you want.
Mindfully shift gears and be open to new directions so you easily take action.

What will you do Release with the Aries Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Aries Full Moon!