Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon providing an opportunity to Reflect on your life and allow deep healing. Libra reminds you to find balance in relationships. Relationships reflect what you need to heal and balance. Each Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, allowing emotional wounds to surface so that you can heal them. With the opposition of the sun and moon, you are able to see both sides of the transition. It helps you find balance between opposing forces. Review your astrology birth chart to see where Libra and Aries are in your chart and what area of your life they are influencing.

Pressure Mounts

The Libra Full Moon is providing the opportunity for an upgrade. Each Full Moon is a time of letting go of something that no longer serves you. Pluto in Capricorn is at a square with the Sun and Moon, providing more pressure to transform your life. Pluto represents death and rebirth. In Capricorn there is a sense of responsibility and doing what is right. It’s transformative and asking you to be open for this change. Because of this square you may see yourself in a new light.

The Libra Full Moon takes place on  April  16, 2022 at 2:54 pm ET (11:54 am PT). The pressure the Libra Full Moon is applying is transformative and making permanent changes. The Sun (Aries) and Moon (Libra) are opposite each other helping you find balance.  Review your astrology birth chart to discovering where 27 degrees of Aries and Libra are located.

Libra helps you reflect on who you are in relationships, while Aries helps you look at yourself as an individual. It’s an important time to look at yourself to gain clarity and insight into your next steps. There other planets are providing some fabulous support.

Permanent Upgrades

Like every Full Moon there is need to find balance between your personal needs and relationships with others. With Pluto in the mix, there is a sense of taking things to a higher level with permanent upgrades. Where Libra (moon) wants peace and harmony, the Aries (sun) has insight and direction on the next step. However, Pluto is taking your life to the next level. It is bringing to the surface hidden parts of yourself that are ready to be resolved.

Venus has moved in Pisces where she feels romantic and at home. Venus rules Libra, so there may be shifts in your perspective in your relationship. In Pisces, Venus inspires creativity, laughter and expands intuition. She helps you align with your heart’s desires, especially as she moves towards Jupiter and Neptune at the end of April. This brings in an energy to explore options and expand ideas you love.

Venus is setting up the Taurus New Moon/Eclipse by helping you align with what you love and value. She is helping you tune into your dreams to plant seeds in the fertile soils Taurus provides. Use a dream journal to write down your dreams or use free flow writing exercises to allow your imagination and creativity to run wild. It will definately inspire you.

This Full Moon is providing the practical steps to move the needle forward. Be open and explore options and ready to take the next step. Libra restores balance. It brings in the energies of harmony, peace and tranquility. This is a good time to reflect on areas of your life that are out of balance. Use self-care as a way to restore balance and energy work to resolve emotional wounds. Use essential oils such as  Clary Sage to help you visualize the future, Ylang Ylang to inspire creativity, and Franincense to help you feel grounded anc connected so that you make the changes you want. Blend these three oils together and place over your heart and along the pulse points of the wrists.

Astrology Support

Saturn is at a favorable conjunction to the Sun (Sextile) and Moon (Trine). This is helping you see new solutions in relationships (Libra) or personal challenges (Aries). Because Saturn is in Aquarius, you may see options that benefit more people.  There is a restructuring and new responsibilities with Saturn in this position that are being reflected with the Libra Full Moon.

Mercury, Uranus & Venus are at a lovely sextile. Mercury and Uranus are nearly conjunct, helping you expand ideas beyond what you thought was possible, and aligned with your highest good. Uranus is the higher octive of Mercury. Both planets relate to communication and connecting with the mind. Mercury is at sitting at the same degree as the upcoming Taurus Solar Eclipse in two weeks. It is opening something up and helping you formulate ideas of what could be. Be mindful of new inspiration as they may give you insight into your  next steps. Venus is fueling new ideas with passion. She is opening you up on a deeper level to something you have been waiting for.

Libra full moon, astrology, essential oils, , manifest

libra full moon, essential oils, astrology, manifest

Trust what is transforming. Take the necessary steps to move towards your goals.
Review emotions as the come up or times when you get emotionally triggered.

Mindfully align with what matters most so you live empowered.

What will you do Release with the Libra Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Libra Full Moon!