The Full Moon
As the moon reaches its peak, it stirs emotions within. It brings to light something you’re unaware of that may change your course of action. As a highly polarized time, the full moon reminds you to find balance between inner tension and external pressures that may lead to conflict or personal crisis that drain your energy. The raw, emotional energy can be strategically used to release emotional wounds and refine your behavior so you manifest your desires. It’s important to find tools to help you manage emotions and heal wounds to navigate the deeply turbulent energy of the full moon.

Virgo Full Moon
The Virgo full moon is practical, disciplined, and brings awareness to your daily routine. As an earth sign, Virgo helps you see the fruits of your labor. It inspires you to take note of where you’re ready to make changes and refine your life. This full moon helps you focus on the physical, mental, and emotional elements of your health. It takes place on March 1, 2018 at 7:51 pm EST (4:51 pm PST). This full moon helps you get in touch with your body by noticing what’s taking place within. Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning that it support you in making changes and adapting yourself so you get different results. Virgo reminds you to review your physical health and decide what you’re willing to change. Whether it’s changes such as diet, exercise, or releasing addictions, or shifting mental/emotional health by being mindful of your thoughts, releasing emotional wounds, and breaking through patterns, Virgo inspires you to take better care of yourself.

Cleansing and Purifying
When the moon is in one astrological sign, the sun is opposite. This creates polarity between your inner and outer world. With this full moon find balance between being too structured (Virgo and flitting around like a fish (Pisces). The moon in Virgo, helps you declutter, get organized, and discern what is best for you. It supports you in refining your diet, improving your health, and detoxifying your body. It helps you create healthy habits that create lasting change. Being more mindful will support you in upleveling your life. Virgo helps you let go of perceptions of perfection, and embrace that the imperfect you is perfect. What “House” is the full moon influencing? Pull your astrology birth chart to identify the specific areas of focus for you. is important with this Full Moon. With the moon in Virgo, the sun is opposite in Pisces. Pisces is dreamy, intuitive, creative, and reveal mysteries about yourself and your path. Align and strengthen your intuition by following your inner guidance. Take note of repeating messages that are clues you’re on the right track. There is a deep opportunity for profound healing with the Virgo Full Moon. Be kind to others and tune in to accepting versus criticizing.

Virgo Full Moon Activities

Move your body – dance, exercise, hike, run, swim, do yoga… just move your body!
Conscious breath – is your breath short and shallow? Take several breaks a day to consciously breathe deeply.
Mindfulness – dare you aware of your thoughts? Track what’s taking place in your mind. Let go of those thoughts that are out of alignment with your desires.
Discern – what is important and be fully aware of everything without judgement.
Let go of being overly serious – stop taking yourself so seriously and striving for unrealistic perfection.
Altered states – loose yourself through music, exercise, art, or whatever to enhance your spiritual connection.

Tools to manage your energy
Use meditation to support you through this full moon. By being open you may receive downloads of information for your own healing that provide direction for your next step. Embrace your intuition (Pisces) without over-processing or over-analyzing (Virgo), allowing for things to open in the right time frame.

Use discernment to determine emotions you’re feeling. Process them through your heart (Pisces), versus your head (Virgo). Use journaling to help you identify and manage your emotions, boost your self-confidence, and allow deep healing to take place.

Maintaining emotional balance with the full moon is so important to managing your overall energy. using tools such as yoga, exercise, spending time in nature, and using essential oils will help you manage your vibration. One of the reasons I love using essential oils is that they work with our body’s chemistry to restore balance. They are simple to use and very effective. They can be calming and soothing or invigorating and motivating. Using them effectively accelerates your personal healing and helps you raise your vibration so you attract the good stuff you want to manifest. They are a gift from nature.

With the full moon, tree oils will help you feel more grounded and connected with the earth. Essential oils such as Cedarwood, White Fir, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus, and Geranium will support you. Essential oils helps you connect with nature anywhere and anytime. Use them whenever you feel your buttons are getting pushed, emotions are heightened, or you want to feel more grounded. Essential oils also enhance your connection with your divine self, heightens your awareness, supports your spiritual development, and balances your chakras. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation about using essential oils to support your personal growth.

Use this powerful Virgo Full Moon to make big strides in your personal healing with the support of Virgo, Pisces, Chiron, and other planetary influences. Need some help to refine your life? Schedule an Energy Work session with Jana.

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What are you willing to release with the Virgo Full Moon?
What part of you will you reclaim?