The Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is initiating something new in your life. This is the third eclipse in the past five weeks. It’s an incredibly intense time that affecting your spiritual world. The Lunar Eclipse amplifies this Full Moon and provide an opportunity for big growth. It intensifies emotions and helps you see your truth.  This full moon provides a turning point in the year and the overall trajectory of your life. But NO pressure… right?!? The Full Moon is a time of closure, completion, and a culmination of your efforts. The full moon is often emotionally charged, as people and situations trigger fears. Since it’s the peak of the lunar cycle, it’s reflective and illuminates unseen elements of your unconscious mind and psyche.

Capricorn Full Moon/Eclipse
The Capricorn Full Moon relates to practical security, your career and legacy. It relates to your personal authority and resolving issues with authority figures. The full moon shines it’s light on something that needs your attention.

This Full Moon is activating a deeper level of yourself and creating permanent changes. The eclipse is intensifying everything you focus on. Notice what’s coming up for you. Who’s pushing your buttons and what emotions are coming up?

The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on July 5, 2020 at 12:44 pm ET (Jul 4th 9:44 pm PT). It is giving you a glimpse of things to come, and what’s being initiated in your life. The sun in Cancer, opposite the moon, related to emotional security, home base and nurturing others. This is the last eclipse in Capricorn for eight years. It’s providing a sense of closure in this area of your chart. It begin 18 months ago. Review what has taken place in your life and how you’ve grown.

Be attuned to your body and emotions to see what is coming to light related to your power and aligning with integrity. Not only is this transformation taking place within you, but you’ll see it around you. What seemed to be real and concrete is breaking apart because it isn’t aligned with Universal Truth. Capricorn calls you out. It helps you break out of the illusions and lies you’re telling yourself. It is direct and provoking you to change.

Change Initiated
Capricorn helps you take a hard look at your life and determine what is working and what isn’t. As an earth sign it is causing you to make changes in your physical world and to see how the choices you make create your reality. It’s time to let go of blaming others and feeling victimized. It’s time to stand up for YOU, and make choices that align with your heart’s desires.

A Full Moon takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. The Moon in Capricorn may be harsh and intense, giving you a dose of reality and shifting your perspective.  This Capricorn – Cancer axis is the archetype of the Father (Capricorn) – Mother (Cancer).  It may bring to light issues you have related to your parents, the male-female dynamic, and ancestral healing (DNA). Your ancestors are pulling on your psyche to clear patterns that they were unable to resolve. The pattern continues until someone chooses to break the chains.

Power & Status
There are some big powerhouses at play with the Capricorn Full Moon. The Capricorn area of your chart is being activated with the moon. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all retrograde and helping you revisit and revise this area of your life.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck. It’s supporting you in expanding this area of your life. Since it’s retrograde it’s helping you revisit and reinvent yourself.

Saturn is at the very last degree in Capricorn. It relates to a breakdown in the old top down authority system and leadership. So fascinating that this is taking place on Independence Day in the USA. On a personal level it’s helping you see what isn’t working and creating a new foundation aligned with Universal Truth. There no more hiding. Saturn is helping you redirect your life and what feels right for you.

Pluto is bringing to light power struggles you’re experiencing. Any situations that have control over you or your power will be brought to light. This opposition is creating awareness and an opportunity to shift these situations.

This is a time to be aware of this opposition and how it is impacting your energy. It’s reminding you to stand in your power and stop giving it away by listening to your inner compass.

Life Revised!
With power struggles coming to light with the Capricorn Full Moon, how will you use it to transform yourself? This Lunar Eclipse is giving you a snapshot of things to come. Dive more deeply into it by pulling your astrology birth chart and review what astrology Houses this transition is taking place for you. This will give you insight into your next step and helps you make sense of what’s taking place in your life.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Capricorn Full Moon? Review the goals you set six months ago with the Capricorn New Moon. You may have reached them, or perhaps you’ll have additional insight to take them further or make adjustments to enhance your success.

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What will you do Release with the Capricorn Full Moon?

What will you Reclaim?

Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!