Cancer Full Moon

The Cancer Full Moon is Reclusive and supporting your emotional healing and growth.  The Cancer Moon may feel overwhelming and overpowering due to the strong pull of both the Sun and Pluto that are opposite it. You may feel like pulling back and hiding in your shell. Pluto and the Sun are transforming you on a deep level, stripping away what no longer serves you. You may notice this by feeling more tired or simply feel like you’ve run out of gas. Are you noticing it? Make sure you’re taking care of your emotional needs with personal care and compassion. Use this Full Moon to upgrade your emotional state. Review your astrology birth chart to see how this is influencing you.

Home Base

The Cancer Full Moon supports your home base and family. It’s deeply nurturing and motherly. With the strong influences of the Sun and Pluto opposite the moon, it’s a reminder to nurture yourself and honor what emotions are surfacing. The moon reflects your emotional needs. It’s important to schedule gaps in your day for quiet time where you can check in with yourself. Let go of the outer requirements and spend quiet time evaluating what matters most and what you need to move forward. Cancer, as the crab, likes to sidestep situations and emotions. Review what’s coming up for you so you’re not avoiding something important.

The CancerFull Moon takes place on  January 17, 2022 at 6:48 pm ET (3:48 pm PT). The Moon in Cancer relates to your home. It may be time to upgrade your homebase or clean things out. This could also mean cleaning out the emotional closets and clearing the clutter. Cancer supports creating emotional security. Your home is your refuge from the outer world. Transforming your home into a sanctuary helps you feel more anchored and secure.


Like every Full Moon there is need to find balance between your physical and emotional needs. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is supporting you in stablizing your inner world so you have a solid foundation to go into the outer world. This Moon may be illuminating situations or emotions that need your attention. It may be shattering illusions of what is real and not real. These shocks may breakthrough your beliefs and programming, making way for truth to emerge. Be open to possibilities.

Each full moon is a reminder to find balance between opposing forces. Cancer relates to your emotional world, family and home base. It’s helping you emotionally tidy up your space and  tune into what you value most. Review your astrology birth chart to deteremine what Houses Cancer and Capricorn are falling in for you. This will provide clues into what area of your life is being effected.  Capricorn represents your outer appearance, your career, what you’re known for, status and the legacy you leave. You may experiencing a radical shift in how you present yourself to the public as you upgrade your emotional home base. Capricorn helps you discover your truth or the truth of certain situations that may have been hidden in the past. Using essential oils like Frankincense will help you dispel illusion and see the truth in any situation.

Astrology Support

Uranus & Mercury are in the mix of discovering the truth. They are at a square just before the Full Moon, bringing forth shocking information that helps you see the truth of yourself or situations. It’s easy to create a truth in your mind that isn’t THE truth.  Anytime perceptions get shaken up and there is a need for change, there is disruption and disbelief. Saturn is conjunct Mercury, providing a stable base to adapt to the changes. It’s important to be objective and observe what is transitioning instead of reacting. As Mercury continues to move backwards (retrograde) towards Pluto, it’s revisiting hidden elements of yourself or situations. It may be carrying information back to Pluto to support your transformation.

Venus & Uranus are at a beautiful trine. As Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn in January, it’s been traveling with the Sun and Pluto. She has been helping you evaluate what you values most. Now as she’s communicating with Uranus, she may reveal something new and bold. Venus is getting ready to bring something new into the world – new perceptions, declaration and what she loves. Review where Venus is traveling through your birth chart to see where this upgrade is taking place. She is helping you upgrade how you interact in this world moving forward.

Mars is transitioning over the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of action and the Galactic Center holds cosmic wisdom. It may be transfering this knowledge to you and fortifying feelings of trust in your higher self and faith that things are working out. Sagittarius helps you see the truth and following a higher purpose.

Jupiter in Pisces is expanding your spiritual perceptions, intuition and upgrade your self-care routine. It helps you integrate daily routines to address challenges with the 3D world and you open up to higher vibes and spiritual growth.

cancer full moon, astrology, manifesting, essential oils

cancer full moon, astrology, essential oils, manifesting

Self-care is absolutely vital at this time. It’s helping you look at yourself differently.
Honor whatever emotions are emerging. Embody what you feel without judgement.
Mindfully align with what matters most so you feel empowered.

What will you do Release with the Cancer Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Cancer Full Moon!