Re-wiring you relationships
The Libra New Moon helps you find balance within yourself and how you relate to others. This includes people around you, relationship with yourself, and everything around you. Each new moon presents an opportunity to discover yourself in new ways, helping you create peace, balance, and harmony within.
The Libra New Moon
Takes place on October 19, 2017 at 3:11pm EDT (12:11pm PDT). Libra is an air sign, and air signs bring new ideas, perceptions, and change. Libra teaches you to find balance, as it is symbolically represented by balanced scales. Libra likes cooperation, smoothing things out, keeping things nice and following what is socially acceptable. It helps you see beyond your personal needs and think about the needs of others.
Mercury in Scorpio
With this new moon Mercury, the planet of communication, is asking you to dig deeper since it is in Scorpio. It is helping you discover your deeper truth. Where are you being authentic in relationships? Where are you giving your power away? Mercury is helping you let go of being a doormat and smoothing things over too much. It is helping you in reclaiming your power and speaking up in your relationships, and seeking a deeper truth.
Uranus in Aries
Uranus is directly opposite of the sun and moon with the Libra new moon. Uranus, is the planet of destruction. It offers quantum leaps in your personal growth (Aries). As a result, you may see how you have been relating to others and why you’re perpetuating unhealthy relationships. This planet of revolution, may help you see any superficial aspects of yourself where you have tried to maintain the status quo in relationships, while denying your personal desires. What behaviors or patterns are coming to your awareness? How is this holding you back from what you really want? Are you speaking differently or speaking up more often? You can thank Uranus for supporting this re-wiring and up-leveling. This process requires honesty with yourself. What do you really want in this relationship? What past pains and patterns will you let go of?
Libra and the Heart Chakra
Libra rules the “high-heart” or authentic heart. The Libra New Moon may provide a wake-up call to your soul’s desires. It’s time to let go of the longing of the mind, and tune into the inner voice. This is a time to make new connections with different people. Who will you meet by trying new things and going new places? This revolutionary new moon also provides an opportunity to revitalize existing relationships. Think about how you have become complaisant in your relationships by expecting others to act in a particular way. This creates staleness and dullness to any relationship. What if you softened your perceptions and really look at the person with fresh eyes. We are all in a state of change and growth. Where can you break from of the rigidity and boredom of relationships and see something new about that person or situation? This requires letting go of your past perceptions, seeing the subtle nuances that are transitioning, and then fostering the changes you notice. Trust your first instinct. Do you feel inspired to speak up? Then do it. Do you feel inspired to think about or process something? Then do it. Do you typically respond with panic? Take a deep breath and remind yourself to truth what you are feeling in the moment and follow it.
Restoring Balance
– Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping us restore love and trust within yourself and others. Two of my favorite oils for the Libra New Moon are Ylang Ylang and doTERRA’s Anchor Blend. We have all experienced betrayal and perhaps still harbor feelings of resentment. These two oils applied over the heart help restore feelings of trust and opening up to love. Join us right after the New Moon call for a short class about essential oils and how they support us – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
– Yoga poses: such as camel pose, cobra, eagle, triangle pose, and cat/cow poses help open restrictive energy within the heart and restore flow. Poses such as tree pose and other standing balance poses help you practice and strengthening your balance. Use essential oils over the heart prior to yoga or meditation to enhance your practice and open you up to receive more.

– Gratitude Journal: spend time writing about all the things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude within your body.
– Forgiveness Journaling: One of the most powerful practices we can adopt is that of forgiving ourselves and others. It only hurts you to hold onto resentments, lowering your frequency and ability to attract what you want. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. Tell them how you feel and either send it to them or burn it.
– Joy list: Make a list of things that bring you joy. Then every few days do something off your list to help your ego/mind see that you “in-joying” life.
FREE monthly New Moon Conference Call
Each month we offer insight into the new moon, how to work with its energy and end the call with a guided imagery meditation to help set your intentions. Join us!
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Libra New Moon Class
Wednesday – October 18, 2017
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During the call we will discuss
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[li]Information to enhance manifesting[/li]
[li]Advice on emotional healing and chakra balances to shift your vibe[/li]
[li]Guided imagery meditation[/li]

You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.

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The Libra New Moon presents an opportunity to renew relationships – and do them in a new way. It supports breaking out of past patterns, let go of perceptions of relationships, and see them with new eyes. This support your personal growth, while allowing others to grow.