Leo Full Moon

The Leo Full Moon is Courageous, empowering and dynamic. It’s helping you show off your radiant self. Leo emphasizes your personal power (Leo) and what you want to do or be in the world (Aquarius). It enhances your sense of self, aligning you with your heart and what you love. The Sun in Aquarius may be highlighting what wants to be known and the Moon in Leo helps you anchor that dream within. You may have deep insights into your unique purpose and how to bring that forward. Review your astrology birth chart to see how this is influencing you.

Radiate Your Light

The Leo Full Moon supports you determine who you are and what you are here to do. It helps you identify hidden elements of yourself and gives you the courage to showcase your gifts. Take risks and do something new. What is calling you? Tune into and trust your heart, letting go of the mental energy of Aquarius. This Full Moon is deeply pulling you towards your destiny, if you’re willing to listen.

The Sun (Aquarius) and Moon (Leo) are opposite each other and squaring the North (Taurus) node and South (Scorpio) node. This is further activating themes of discovering your destiny (north node) and making decisions to move you forward. Are there specific projects you’re ready to move forward with? What can you let go of that is holding you back? You may be noticing movement, especially as you make choices towards what you want to create. Review your astrology birth chart to see where the Sun, Moon, north and south nodes are making a grand cross.

The Leo Full Moon takes place on  February 16, 2022 at 11:55 am ET (8:55 am PT). The Moon in Leo is about aligning with your heart and what you value. It’s important to remove distractions and tune into your heart’s desires. Let go of other people’s expectations and align with what you want. Let your heart soar!

Heart Awakening

Like every Full Moon there is need to find balance between your physical and emotional needs. The Leo/Aquarius axis is supporting you living from your heart and expressing your truth into the world. The Full Moon and North/South node cross may be revealing a new part of your journey. The Full Moon illuminates what wants to be known. Listen to the subtle clues that are opening and awakening your heart. Trust what is coming up and follow intuitive guidance that aligns with what you want most. Drown distractions and other people’s voices.

With the Sun and Moon pulling your psyche in opposite directions, take time for self-care and restoring balance. Leo reminds you to embrace your inner child. Dance, play and be silly to loosen up. You’ll be amazed at how creativity flows when you let loose. Tune into childhood dreams and explore what if’s to activate your brain and new possibilities. Review your astrology birth chart to deteremine what Houses Leo and Aquarius are falling in for you. This will provide clues into what area of your life is being effected.

Aquarius represents your future self. It’s helping you release ties that hold you back. Allow your inner rebel to breakthrough old patterns and programming to make room for something new. This Full Moon may provide deep insight into just what you’ve been looking for. Be open and explore options. Aquarius also helps you shout from the rooftops what the Leo energy is bringing in. Share your knowledge and wisdom with like-minded people and in groups. Your power is needed. Use essential oils like Wild Orange to inspire creativity, Rose to open your heart and Cedarwood to enhance connecting with others.

Astrology Support

North Node at a square with the Sun and Moon are pulling you towards something new. Discover where the North Node in Taurus is in your chart at 27 degrees to see what is being initiated. Pluto is at a sexite with the North Node and Trine with the South Node – reminding you to release karmic connections and emotional wounds. Liberate yourself by cutting cords with karmic contracts and people that no longer support the person you’re becoming. Pluto is supporting your these big transformations and releasing old patterns.

Venus & Mars continue to travel together in Capricorn. Venus represents feminine energy and Mars is the masculine. These two planets along with Pluto in Capricorn continue to bring an emphasis to your world view – whether that’s the general world around you is transforming or your inner world is changing.

All planets are moving forward – shocking! You may feel momentum building, especially around what is important to you. This will be a great time to let go of anything you no longer want or need. Purge and cleanse as you prepare for what is next. Allow the spark within you that is energizing and inspiring to lead you towards what you want most. Stay true to your heart and listen to your inner guidance.

leo full moon, astrology, essential oils

leo full moon, doterra essential oils, astrology, manifesting

Honor what is most important for you. Take time to unwind and decompress.
Review emotions as the emerge. Observe without reacting and watch them float away.
Mindfully align with what matters most so you live empowered.

What will you do Release with the Leo Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Leo Full Moon!