When is the Aries Full Moon?
The peak of the lunar cycle takes place on October 5, 2017 2:40 pm EDT (11:40 am PDT). The full moon is a time of completion. The moon is completely illuminating and reflecting is full light back to us. On a symbolic level, it reflects back to you what needs to be healed or wants to be known.
Pushing Forward
The Aries Full Moon is about taking action. It supports you in setting clear intentions and moving projects forward. What have you been thinking about or wanting to do? The Aries Full Moon pushes you to take practical steps to make it happen. What intentions or goals have you been working on? This full moon sparks activity and inspires new opportunities. Aries gives you a dose of courage to take risks. As a fire sign it is stripping away anything that is inauthentic in your life, including the lies or stories you tell yourself. Be prepared for shocking situations that help you shatter any illusions and see reality.
A Rebirth
Aries is the first sign in the astrology calendar. This Full Moon may be a rebirth, helping reclaim your power. The Aries Full Moon energy showers you with the desire to follow your dreams and passions. What passions are your wanting to follow? What obstacles can you push past? You may feel charged up and ready to move forward. Aries is all about you. With this full moon you may feel very inspired with creative new ideas and opportunities to speak your truth. Take note of how this is revealing itself to you. What repetitive thoughts are you having? What emotions are coming up? As you are mindful of what’s taking place within you, you can use this powerful full moon to enhance your personal power and follow your heart’s desires.
The Aries Moon & Libra Sun
Opposite of the Aries full moon, the sun is in Libra. Libra reminds us to find balance in relationships, to listen to both sides of the argument, and to find justice. It seeks fairness and compromise. Where have you been too accommodating and compromised your personal power? The Aries full moon may shine it’s light on that area. Where are you overly focused on yourself or too controlling? The Aries full moon may reveal this to you.
New Ideas with Libra
Libra as an air sign, sparks new ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. It is fluid and fast paced, and you may have many fleeting thoughts and creative downloads. Spend time writing and expressing these ideas as Mercury is also in Libra. The sun and Mercury are supporting you in finding creative solutions that provide justice and fairness in your own life and for all of humanity.
Honesty in Relationships
The sun in Libra with the moon in Aries is reminds us to look at relationships. Are you being honest in the relationship? Are you compromising or giving too much in your relationships? This full moon is bringing to light your personal needs and desires and the needs of the relationship. Evaluate your relationships with everyone and everything around you to make sure you are being authentic. Are you being truthful with yourself? Are you compromising yourself by yourself lies to stay in certain relationships? The moon and sun are both square to Pluto, who is in Capricorn. Pluto is at a direct “T-square” to the sun and moon, supporting you in seeing the truth related to yourself and how you interact in relationships. It is uncovering hidden aspects of your personality that will help you see yourself and others differently. There is no need to control others, or be controlled by them. You have choices, and when you claim your power, new possibilities open up. As a result, there is a deep shift in relationships and how you handle your personal power.
Be honest with what you want and go for it! The Aries Full Moon supports you taking the steps to make it happen.
What will you reclaim with the Aries Full Moon?