The Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon is Purifying, helping you clear the clutter of your personal space, your mind and your body.  Each New Moon represents a time of setting new goals, planting new seeds and begining new projects. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your goals until you fully manifest them.

Practical & Analytical

The Virgo New Moon helps you align with the practical steps it takes to get what you want. It supports you in reconnecting with daily habits that relate to your health and wellbeing. Now that summer is basically over, it’s a good time to reconnect with your daily routines or change up your routine – moving your body differently. Use the Virgo energy to Purify you mind and body. It reminds you to watch your thoughts, stop the mental chatter and keep fear or negativity in check with mindfulness activities such as affirmations, breath work, yoga or anything that helps you feel centered and positive. Notice how your thoughts and emotions are creating your reality.

The Virgo New Moon is taking place on September 6, 2021 at 8:51 pm ET (5:51 pm PT).  The Sun and Moon in Virgo are inspiring practical action. Virgo helps you manifest by fine tuning the details. It is analytical and methodical – focusing on the specifics. It’s loves to bring order to chaos. It’s a good time to declutter, get organized and clean your space.

Cosmic Support

Virgo is cleansing. It liberating you from past patterns and programming that holds you back from aligning fully with your higher-self. Virgo helps you see perfection – not from an ego perspective, but from a Divine place.

The personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are getting Cosmic Support from the outer planets – Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. There’s a dose of higher level support that’s helping you refine your mission. It’s providing new insight into next steps and practical action. You may be inspired to move in a new direction or something opens up that’s unexpected.

Mars the planet of action, is also in Virgo. It’s fiery energy is pushing you to get things done. This is a great time to set goals and put the action steps in motion. You may be inspired to clean up your act and create a new schedule that moves your goals forward. A few days before the New Moon, Mars (Virgo) is opposite of Neptune in Pisces bringing a higher level of spirituality to your actions. You may be thinking about serving people or a cause on a deeper level.

The Sun, Moon & Uranus are at a Trine position, bringing in a beautiful opportunity for new perspectives. Uranus helps you see things in a new light or from a different angle. It creates sudden changes or opportunities, or perhaps ah-ha moments that bring awareness and clarity where there was confusion. Find out where 14 degrees of Virgo (sun/moon) and Taurus (Uranus) fall in your astrology chart to see what area of your life these planets are influencing. For example, Virgo is my 2nd House and Taurus is my 10th. I’ll be setting goals around my daily work (2nd House in Virgo) and long-term career (10th House in Taurus).  With Uranus in Taurus it’s provides a better vantage point, like sitting up in the clouds looking down at your life and being able to see the landscape from a higher perspective. Be open to what is transforming and transitioning, embracing change. And notice how you’ve changed – especially around your values.

Virgo provides choices and insight into what is possible. Virgo is adaptable and flexible. Release any rigidity and go with the flow. Where can you be more flexible and fluid? Uranus at a Trine with Virgo is helping you release old patterns. It’s been upgrading your value system and shifting them.

With the Sun/Moon in Virgo you may be able to ground your ideas into new form or see what the next step is that will get the results you want. Create daily self-care habits and rituals that help you stay grounded and centered. You’ll be amazed and how quickly you may manifest by tuning into your inner world and shutting off external chaos. Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to see where all of this is taking place for you.

Uranus in Taurus is opening you up to new possibilities. This may come as shocking news or events that may seem overwhelming to manage. Realize that sometimes things have to happen in this way when you’re having difficulty making necessary changes. It’s helping you break free of limitations. With the Sun/Moon Trine, it provides a sense of support from a loving perspective.

Pluto & Mars are in a Trine in earth signs. It’s helping you change what matters most to you. Pluto helps you transform and connect more deeply with your personal power and your soul’s purpose. Since both of these planets are in earth signs, it’s transforming your body. It supports you in letting go of lower frequencies you’ve held in your body, allowing you to anchor more light. This is done through managing your thoughts and emotions, cleansing and purifying (Virgo) old ways of doing things to upgrade them to a new level (Pluto).

Saturn, North Node & Mercury Grand Trine are all in air signs. The outer planet (Saturn in Aquarius) is influencing another personal planet (Mercury in Libra) at this new moon. Saturn is authority, responsibility and what you’re committed to do.

The North Node (Gemini) is reminding you to stay open to possibilities. There are new ideas and information flowing in with it in Gemini. Mercury in Libra is shifting your mindset in regards to a relationship or a way you want to show up in relationships/partnerships. This Grand Trine is an optimal time to have constructive or crucial conversations that help you grow and expand. Maybe something important has been on your mind and you’re finally ready to talk about it. Be patient with yourself and continue to keep an open dialogue open as you speak your truth, take time to process the outcome and go back to the table with new insights until you get the result you want.

Venus Trines Jupiter provides inspiration and expansion. Jupiter reminds you there are choices, even if the situation isn’t exactly what you want. It’s helping you see different options, as well as seeing what you’re learning in a particular situation. It helps you tune into what you love most (Venus) and expand your perspectives (Jupiter). Be open to new ideas that shift you out of old patterns.

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

What new routines will be begin?
What area of your life do you want transform.

Set your intentions to align with making these changes.

What goals will you set with the Virgo New Moon?

Happy Virgo New Moon!