The Taurus Full Moon is provoking change.  It’s helping you discover something that has been hidden as the Full Moon illuminates emotions and patterns below the surface. The Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle. It provides a sense of culmination of your efforts or perhaps closure and a sense completion.

Taurus Full Moon
The Taurus Full Moon may be shaking the ground you’re standing on. It’s provoking change. It’s shaking up your inner and outer worlds, helping you move in a new direction. Typically the Taurus Full Moon is grounding and nurturing, like a fertile field. However, with the Moon and Uranus conjunct (next to) there’s a sense of a wild card outcome. Uranus is liberating you from something that no longer serves you. It moves swiftly, breaking you free. The moon is shining a light on what needs to be changed. Uranus is rebellious and demanding change.

You know you’ve been asking for “something” to be different. However, for things to be different, you have to be different. It’s time to ditch the emotional baggage and move in the direction of your dreams, bringing them into physical form. Of course to get there you need to resolve emotional wounds created on the physical plane.

The Moon in Taurus is reflecting your deepest desires.  It’s reminding you to love and accept yourself, no matter what. Sure you’ve made mistakes, but you don’t need to continuously beat yourself up for them. Forgive yourself (and others) and move on! Remember, you are enough!  You deserve the best. It’s time to claim it and live it!

The Taurus Moon is revealing what energies you’ve taken on from others – what beliefs, patterns and habits. It’s reflecting these on an inherited level which is the Scorpio Sun. As the moon highlights what you can transform, it supports you to let it go, replacing it with emotions, thoughts and visualizing what you want. As you unwind tightly held inherited beliefs and patterns you allow more light to emerge from within your DNA. As a result you feel less emotionally weighed down and FREE!  Need help in releasing the old patterns?  Need help breaking through patterns? Contact Jana for a reading/healing session (click here).

The Taurus Full Moon is the second full moon in October. It takes place on October 31, 2020 at 10:49 am ET (7:49 am PT) when the sun and moon are opposite each other. Taurus brings to light your physical world including how you spend your money, what you own and what you value.  Taurus normally provides a sense of stability. But with the moon conjunct (next to) Uranus (sudden change, transformation) this full moon may be disruptive and polorized. Uranus in this placement may create sudden breakthroughs of emotional wounds, helping you see something that’s been hidden or ignored. It may be helping you tune into whatever you’re passionate about and see how to make money from it. You may have deep spiritual insight into your next step. The moon and Uranus together may push you in a new course that aligns with your heart’s desires. Be open to the possibilities. As an earth sign, Taurus will help ground your ideas and bring them to physical form.

A Full Moon takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. The Taurus Moon is helping you align with what you love and value, while the Scorpio Sun is helping you take back your power by letting go of other people’s stuff.

It’s supporting you as you dive in to deeper aspects of your soul. You may have a shift in perspectives, helping you take the next step. The full moon illuminates your emotions and fears. The sun in Scorpio is reminding you to let the old parts of you go in order to birth something better. Observe your reactions and emotions, as these are clues of what you’re ready to release. Take time to journal about situations where you’re being triggered.

Rewrite your soul contracts! This Full Moon is helping you transform the old into fueling your personal power. It’s shedding what no longer serves you and claiming what you do value (including yourself).  This full moon is a great time to “act as if” you’ve achieved your goals. It’s time to rewrite your soul contract which includes letting go of any victim mentality. Create a ritual where you write down what and who you’re ready to release then burn the list, allowing the smoke to take it to the heavens.  From the ashes, newness is born. Consider yourself the Phoenix rising. Think about what you want to do and who you want to become.

Mercury (retrograde) has dipped back into Libra, while Venus has moved into Libra. These two are providing a sense of balance between what you love (Venus) and want to communicate (Mercury). With these two planets in Libra there a desire for equality and justice – either within your own life or fighting for others rights. Listen to your inner talk, and how you’re communicating your dreams. You (or people) may be quite vocal and protest what you feel is right and standing up for everyone’s rights. It’s a good time to journal about your feelings and talk things out with others. Express what you really want! Venus is also opposite Chiron (wounded healer) giving you deeper insight into yourself and what you value most.

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn are restructing and deconstructing your life. It’s breaking you out of old patterns and aligning you truth and what you’ve mastered. Mercury is at a square with Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction) providing an interesting dynamic to navigate. See where this is falling in your chart and what Mercury is trying to communicate to you to shift this pattern, permanently!

Review your astrology birth chart with transits to see where all of theses planets are influencing you. What astrology House does it fall in for you? How does that relate to inner prompting you’re noticing? What outward influences are providing insight? Need help in understanding what all this means for you?  Schedule a session with Jana.  You’ll receive insight into your chart and healing within  your DNA as she unwinds the limitations that how you back.

Personal Growth
By mid-November things will be moving forward, helping you integrate what you want. There is a deep re-programming taking place. The Taurus Full Moon is providing a fresh perspective on the intentions you set six months ago with the Taurus New Moon, as well as new perspectives. Revisit your intentions and see what you’ve accomplished. Where are you ready to take the next step?

Use the journal prompts above and write about the results you want “as if” they have already taken place. It’s a powerful tool to engage your emotions (moon in Taurus) and ignite transformation (sun in Scorpio). Plus Uranus will fuel the transitions that lead you towards your higher truth. So go for it!

What goals are coming to fruition with the Taurus Full Moon?

What will you do Release with the Taurus Full Moon?

What part of you are you Reclaiming?

Happy Full Moon!