Napoleon Hill said, “Plan your work, and work your plan.

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Experience Jana’s Life-Changing Guided Group Masterclass,
Clearing and Activation Session For Manifesting Abundance
January 2020

Jana will take you through her life -altering 60-minute guided Group Masterclass, Clearing and Activation experience, to help you recode and rewire yourself energetically at the deepest levels Shifting your Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations of Abundance, Prosperity and Success on all levels. The Guided Imagery Meditation includes clearing beliefs using Theta Brain Waves and releasing patterns inherited by your ancestors by Activating your DNA.


Experience Jana’s Powerful “Act as If” Exercise To Rapidly Expand Your
Abundance Reservoir & Your Energetic Capacity To Receive More
February 2020

During the “Claim Your Power” panel, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to the group “as if” you’ve already achieved your goal in a supportive, positive environment. You’ll be asked about how you overcame obstacles and challenges in your process.  This activity is designed to raise your vibration, expanding your Abundance Reservoir so you receive more in your day-to-day reality, and move way beyond your higher limits.


Get A Printable Workbook With Exercises & Information For
Deeper Absorption, Higher Expansion & Faster Manifestation

Download a printable Prosperity Planner Workbook with practical exercises and transcript so you can absorb new information faster, expand your Abundance containers to higher levels and start manifesting and experiencing abundance much faster.


Receive Access to Practical Videos and Engaging Activities
That Support You in Staying On Track with Your Goals 

These short videos are designed to Inspire you into Action, Transform old patterns and programming and Empower you to continually progress towards your goals.


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