Libra New Moon

The Libra New Moon is ready to move you forward. Libra is a cardinal sign which helps get new projects and ideas off the ground. Add Mars in the mix to fuel your projects and you’ve got a recipe for progress and taking action towards your goals.  Each New Moon represents a time of setting new goals, planting new seeds and begining new projects. It helps you align with what you want most and reconnect monthly with your goals until you manifest them.

Progress & Action

The Libra  New Moon is another powerful New Moon. As an air sign, Libra is filled with ideas and inspiration to help things get moving for you. This is further amplified by Mars who is fueling the sun and moon. Mars is the activator and wants to take action. With it in Libra, it’s fighting for what’s right for the people. Libra is all about equality and justice for the people. It seeks truth, and Mars is going to fight for it. See where this New Moon is taking place in your chart to see where the themes related to fighting for truth and justice or taking action are showing up for you.

The Libra New Moon is taking place on October 6, 2021 at 7:05 am ET (4:05 am PT).  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Libra are  helping you restore balance, upgrade relationships, enhance communication, demand equality and restore harmony and peace. There may be truths coming out of the blue or seeing your truth that help elevate you.

Cosmic Support

Libra brings balance. It represents balance, equality, justice and fairness. Any areas of your life that have been out of balance may be seen through fresh eyes and possibly new solutions for next steps with the Libra energy.

During the Libra New Moon there are four planets in Libra – Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury (retrograde). Mercury is at a square with Pluto potentially causing a breakdown communication in relationships or power struggles coming to the surface. Mercury may bring up frustration, angry words and/or expressing your truth. Where are you looking for justice and equality? This square may help you see new perspectives that inspire you to take action that helps you feel your voice is heart and restoring balance in imbalanced relationships.

Chiron is opposite the Sun, Moon and Mars. Chiron in Aries brings up fears, insecurities and a lack of confidence. You may be reminded of a particular situation where you took risks and fell on your face. These types of situation and memories shook your confidence and it’s holding you back now from moving forward. Chiron reminds you to address insecurities and move through challenges to build your confidence. The planets in Libra, opposite Chiron, are energetically boosting you to be present with and move through doubts, fears and insecurities. Notice any resistance and journal about your emotions or situations coming up. This will help you resolve any emotional wounds. Recognize that you’ve grown and evolves, therefore as you take new risks your results will be different.

Other Planetary Influence

October begins with six planets retrograde – Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and the astroid Chiron. Four of these will be going direct in October – Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. These retrograde planets provide a period of introspection and integration of new ideals and values you want to expand into your life. They are literlly allowing you to create a new reality based upon what you want most.

Pluto moves direct on October 6th – the day of the New Moon. Pluto is the planet related to power and spiritual transformation. It’s been supporting you in reclaiming your power as well as upleveling your connection with your higherself and integrating cosmic wisdom into your body.

Saturn moves direct on October 10th. Saturn has been updating old perceptions of authority and responsibility – releasing patterns and programming that no longer serves you.  Saturn also relates to contraction and restriction created by rules and regulations. This may related to specific patterns you grew up with or others trying to impose restriction on your life in some capacity. Saturn in Aquarius is pushing for the rights of the people, removing rule and regulations placed upon the collect by governments.

Jupiter moves direct on October 17th. Where Saturn contracts, Jupiter expands. Jupiter is the visionary and seeing the future in a new perspective. It relates to luck, growth, freedom and the right to move forward. Mid-October you may feel inspired with new ideas or have different perceptions about you’re going in the future.

Mercury moves direct on October 18th. Marcury has been reorganizing throughts and seeking the truth in Libra. What new insights have come to light that have helped you be more balanced in relationships or clear the air?

During this two week period you may have clarity on what you want and where you’re going. Use this time for inner exploration and aligning with what you value. Journal your thoughts and emotions to help you get clarity on everything swimming around in your head.

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libra new moon, astrology, manifest, essential oils
libra new moon, astrology, manifest, essential oils

What’s transforming in your life?
How are you creating balance and harmony?

Set your intentions to align with making these changes.

What goals will you set with the Libra New Moon?

Happy Libra New Moon!