Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon is Grounding and connecting you with the transformation you have been wanting to make. There is a sense of Spring Cleaning, preparing you for a transition – whether it’s physically re-organizing your house, or changes in your physical and emotional, this Full Moon is inspiring the necessary steps to get different results. Virgo emphasizes getting organized and reviewing the details or simple steps you need to take on a daily basis to create the life you want. With a Grand Trine in Earth signs, you may be feeling a shift in your physical world with this Full Moon. There may be a delay in action with four planets in Pisces, causing you to internalize things before you take action. It’s a good time to tune into your heart’s desires and discover the details that will help you get it. Each Full Moon reminds you to find balance between opposing forces. Review your astrology birth chart to see how this Full Moon is influencing you.

Anchoring Your Goals

The Virgo Full Moon supports you in taking practical action and creating healthy habits in your daily routines. Virgo atunes you to your overall health. In addition to releasing emotions, this may be a good time to detox your mind and physical body, purging the old and preparing for spring. What can you do to lighten up?

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on  March 18, 2022 at 3:17 am ET (12:17 am PT). The main theme of the Moon in Virgo is upgrading daily habits and systems that support your health and work. As an earth sign, Virgo is grounding and helping you have clarity about working the plan that helps you get results. Virgo loves diving into the details to get stuff done. Daily routines and habits are organized with the Virgo energy.

The Sun (Pisces) and Moon (Virgo) are opposite each other helping you find balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the sun and moon. Discovering where 27 degrees of Pisces and Virgo are in your chart, so that you identify what area of your life needs more balance, attention and support.

Virgo Full moon, astrology, manifesting, essential oils

Anchoring Habits

Like every Full Moon there is need to find balance between your physical and emotional needs. The Virgo/Pisces axis is inspiring you to get back on track with daily habits that lead you towards the results you want. However, the Pisces sun energy as well as Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury still have a hold on you, pulling you back towards dreaming (Pisces) versus action (Virgo). Because of the strong opposition in Pisces, you may be reviewing potential options in moving forward without taking definitive steps. In the near future you as this energy breaks up you may feel inspired to take action.

Supporting you with new habits is an Earth Grand Trine between the Moon (Virgo), Pluto (Capricorn) and the North Node (Taurus). The trine between these three players is supporting you in creating something in the physical world. The moon is connecting with your heart and what you want most, Pluto is transforming what has been hidden so you stand in your power and the North Node is the tip of the arrow where you are moving in the future. Review where the earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) are in your chart to determine how this is impacting you. For example, Virgo is in my 2nd House, Capricorn is in my 6th House and Taurus is in my 10th House. All of these houses relate to how I make money (2nd House) and the daily work I do (6th House), as well as long-term career and legacy (10th House). Knowing the placement of the earth signs for this Full Moon may help you make sense of what is transitioning in your physical world.

This Grand Trine is activing something on the physical level. You may have additional insight unfold with this full moon that guides you towards what needs to be done to manifest your goals. Slow down, and plan intentional gaps in your day to allow for divine inspiration. Pay attention to the subtle message you are being sent by your higher-self.

This Full Moon is providing the practical steps to move the needle forward. Be open and explore options and ready to take the next step. Virgo also helps you tune into minute details that you may not have considered. Be open to transform and adapt to a new path. Your passion and presence are needed to support your growth and the evolution of humanity. Use essential oils like Rose to align you with your heart, Siberian Fir to clear family patterns and programming that no longer serves you and Bergamot to enhance feelings of self-worth and building trust in yourself to make necessary changes. Blend these three oils together and place over your heart and along the pulse points of the wrists. Blue Tansy also supports with focus on the most important details – place this on your big toe every morning (yes it will turn blue). It will enhance your ability to get the necessary tasks done.

Astrology Support

Jupiter & Mercury are conjunct in Pisces, helping you tune into the unseen and having faith in the future. There is something big transforming that you may not see yet. You may be sensing it intuitively with these two planets, along with Neptune in Pisces. Be patient as all will be revealed at the right time. Jupiter will be conjuncting Neptune on April 12th, expanding creativity and perhaps letting go of some deep-seated emotional issues that have been imprisioning you. Since Pisces is the end of the astrology wheel, notice any areas of your life where you are feeling a sense of completion or there is closure.

Pluto & North Node continue to be at a trine (part of the Grand Trine mentioned above). This is helping you clear karmic baggage and long standing emotional wounds. Liberate yourself by cutting cords with karmic contracts and people that no longer support the person you’re becoming. Pluto is supporting these big transformations and releasing old patterns.

Venus & Mars continue to travel together, moving into Aquarius. In Aquarius they are reviewing the future and considering options. Venus represents feminine energy and Mars the masculine.

These two planets are moving towards Saturn in Aquarius, providing additional transformation and permanent changes. They are providing clarity about yourself and your life. They are revealing the next steps and upgrading connections with other people. Since Venus and Mars are moving through Aquarius, you may have new groups or networks you are connecting with taking your life to the next level.

Venus & Uranus – are squaring each other. With Venus and Mars in Aquarius there may be a sense of karmic cleansing as people from the past are leaving and new people are coming in. Be mindful of how this is taking place in your life. Instead of getting stuck in grief or loss, tune into the gifts you received from people leaving and prepare for the next people replacing them, lifting you to a higher level.

Virgo Full Moon, astrology, manifesting, essentials oils

Virgo Full Moon, essential oils, astrology, energy vitality

Honor what is most important for you. Take the necessary steps to move towards your goals.
Review emotions as the come up or times when you get emotionally triggered.

Mindfully align with what matters most so you live empowered.

What will you do Release with the Virgo Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Virgo Full Moon!