The Taurus Full Moon occurs on November 6, 2014 at 5:23pm EST.
When the moon is full two astrological signs are opposite each other. The Taurus Full Moon opposes the Scorpio Sun. Taurus is earthy and practical, while the Scorpio Sun is emotional and transformative.
The Full Moon illuminates what areas of your life that need attention.
It intensifies emotions, and brings to the surface lessons that need to be understood and resolved. With the full moon, the outside world reflects your inner world.
Taurus wants you to look at the simplicities of life.
What do you love and value? What are the simple and tangible aspects of life that are important to you?
Scorpio is deep, probing, complex and looks at the intangible aspects of life.
It is deep, passionate, resourceful, focused on self-mastery, and creating the best version of yourself. With any full moon, there is a reminder to let go of duality consciousness, and move into multi-dimensional consciousness.
In multi-dimensional consciousness there is no need to prove your beliefs.
Compassion is key to allowing other people to have opinions and beliefs that differ from yours, without the need to prove your own beliefs. The Scorpio sun energy supports the release of any beliefs that are rooted in duality. It cleans out our personal and collective unconscious; forcing us release situations, people, relationships, job, location, and anything else that limits growth. What is complete for you? What is waiting to be released within you? As we release and let go, we open the door into higher consciousness. This allows us to step into our true passion and path.
Taurus emphasis is on what we love and value.
It encourages us to expand our talents, gifts and abilities. When you align yourself with what you love and value, you promote success. Taurus supports our earning capacity, and resources. It supports our self-appreciation, and self-respect. What do you value about yourself? Where do you see your hidden talents emerging? What are you passionate about supporting in your life long term?
Scorpio emphasizing shared resources.
It also focuses on death, rebirth, and the mysteries of life. Scorpio may create drama around money, resources, spending, and self-worth. This supports you in transformaing patterns and beliefs that are incorrect and aligning you with higher truths about self-worth.
With this full moon, honor what you love and value without needing to prove yourself.
This allows you to release the old paradigm of duality, and shift into higher realms of multi-dimensional consciousness. What other people are doing may be what is right for them. And that’s okay. You do what is right for you.
What am I doing in this…

Answers to these types of questions will help you identify what you love and value so you can use the Taurus Full Moon to initiate changes.
There is nothing easy about the Scorpio-Taurus energy.
When we work with it, Scorpio transmutes karmic relationships, fears, upsetting memories, and anything else that holds us back from reaching our divinity. Having the awareness that this is part of the equation helps us as we navigate difficult transitions.
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