Mark your calendar!
The full moon/lunar eclipse is taking place on January 31, 2018 at 8:27 am EST (5:27 am PST). Are you ready? It is activating a vortex of self discovery, expanded creativity and passion as the moon passes through Leo. This Full Moon will be intensive and create a portal of activation since it is a full Lunar Eclipse. Also, this full moon is a Blue Moon because it’s the second full moon in January. So get ready for an active and power punch lunar event!
Power Punch
Punching power is term used related to the amount of kinetic energy in a person’s punches. Knockout power is a similar concept relating to the probability of any strike to the head to cause unconsciousness. Knockout power is related to the force delivered and precision of the strike. The Leo Full Moon offers a “Power Punch” of energy. The kinetic energy (potential energy) within you is a reservoir of energy beyond measure. As you learn to harness this energy you become limitless and unstoppable. How do you get there? The Leo Full Moon is here to serve and teach you how to live from your heart.
Heart-centered Leo
The Leo full moon reminds you to let go of drama. Sometimes it can almost be an addiction! To release it, take a step back and make fun of taking yourself too seriously. Worry creates doubt and squashes your ability to manifest. As you make fun of yourself or your life, see how it lightens your mood and moves you in new and playful ways. Laugh at yourself! This will help you step away from your situations and see a different perspective.
Leo and Your Inner Child
Get into “feeling” like a child again. Be childlike, have more fun, and connect with your inner child. Letting loose of the old ways opens you up to the passionate, creative energy Leo inspires. See joy around you! With the full moon, create a joy list with everything that brings you joy, then do a couple of things off your list each week and see how your vibe changes. Explore what turns you on, what helps you feel light-hearted, boundless love, limitlessness, fiery, and passionate. As you learn to live from love and joy you align yourself with higher frequencies and dimensions. With the Leo Full Moon make a statement! Announce to the world who YOU are!
Leo – Aquarius Axis
While Leo is inspiring you to take a step forward and announce yourself, Aquarius on the opposing spectrum of this Full Moon is reminding you to meld your unique creativity (Leo) and bring your sweetness into life as you share your gifts with the world (Aquarius). This full moon is a reflection of “giving and receiving” love. As you look at your interactions and behavior with the full moon, notice where you are allowing love in or pushing it away. Take note where you are giving more than you receive in return. Adjust your behavior to find balance between giving and receiving. Be receptive and grateful for what shows up for you as this reflection is part of your personal patterns that may need adjusting. Aquarius supports the collective future destiny. When you stand in your power and do your part, humanity evolves.
Eclipse pairing Leo/Aquarius
There is an eclipse pairing pattern taking place. We are in the middle of an eclipse cycle between Leo and Aquarius. In August 2017 there was a total solar eclipse with the Leo new moon. This portal will be open from now until the next eclipse In July 2018. Eclipses are a period of change and intensified activity. Eclipses are portals presenting a unique opportunity to push your goals forward. Sort of like catching a wave and being effortlessly carried to shore. If you’re prepared you can ride the wave with ease and grace, as you follow the guidance of your higher-self. To work effectively with this eclipse energy, see what House the Leo Full Moon is falling in for you. Leo reminds you, you are the “star” of your life! You are meant to be the leading character of it. Are you noticing patterns from the solar eclipse in Leo from last year? What is coming to fruition? What needs to be adjusted? Use these journal prompts to inspire you and maximize this rich Leo energy. Observe how you are living and see what adjustments you feel inspired to make. Live from your heart (Leo) versus your head (Aquarius)!
Change isn’t always easy, how you respond to it is under your control. Eclipses create transitions in sometimes unexpected or uncomfortable ways. They help you divest from incorrect situations and people so you align with bigger and better situations. This may cause stress and anxious feelings. Watch how you are reacting to changes and try to observe what is taking place, without emotionally overreacting to it. Write about what you are feeling and experiencing. List ever possible emotion and feel it in your body. Then imagine these emotions are surrounded by bubbles that floats away from you. You can be like a kid and pop the bubbles letting the emotions go. After you’ve identified what you feel, find words and emotions you want to replace the released emotions with such as joy, peace, stability, love, worthy, and empowered.
Working with the lunar cycles helps you live strategically. You begin to see patterns in the cycles and how they influence you, which may give you confidence in making decisions that align with your destiny. With the Leo Full Moon, observe patterns you notice and take action based upon what you feel inspired to do. Learn to listen and follow your heart and override overthinking the process.
What are you willing to release with the Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse?
What are you reclaiming?