The Harvest Full Moon brings the waters of Pisces to purify our emotional realms. It occurs on September 8, 2014 at 9:38pm EDT (6:38 pm PDT) With the Full Moon in the water sign, expect to be more sensitive, intune, emotional, and receptive. The Full Moon unearths whatever is lurking in our shadowside. It brings up emotional wounds from childhood, feeling supported, pain, addictions, and feeling victimized. It’s a rich time to acknowledge whatever you’re faced with to resolve these situations.
The Pisces Full Moon digs deep into healing the body, mind, and heart. As you surrender to the healing, you’ll be supports by your Higher-self and Goddess Gaia during this Super Moon. The Pisces moon highlights how you have been sabotaging yourself. Limitations and fears will be illuminated and we have clarity on how we get in our own way. On the flip side it also shows our hidden strengths and supports us in acknowledging and developing them. To overcome the fears and limitations, ask yourself why you hold on to particular behaviors, beliefs, and habits. These are all a reflection of how you feel about yourself and how you keep yourself from achieving greatness.
People may point this out to you or you may see it “reflected” in the behavior of others. Notice what is bugging you with this full moon. Instead of judging others, look at their behavior and determine where you are exhibiting the same behaviors. Often the issues that bug us in other people are the issues we needs to resolve within ourselves. It’s often easier to point the finger at someone else then look inside. Remember to stay focused on your life’s purpose, take care of yourself, and release judgements.
The Full Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. This reminds us to reflect on how we are integrating our spirituality (Pisces) with our ideals (Virgo). The key to success here is in maintaining order in our daily lives while expressing our spiritual needs.
This is a time to embrace change and allow it to move you into new territories. It is also a time of reflection. As this is the harvest moon, it’s good to reflect on what you have achieved and manifested. Sometimes I get caught up in the next thing I’m manifesting that I forget to be grateful for what I’ve already done. This is a great time to review your goals from the Spring new moon and be grateful for how far you’ve come.
Take care of yourself with this Full Moon. Virgo encourages us to work on skills that support our abundance on all levels. This includes an abundance of joy, vitality, love, health, fulfillment, income and anything else you desire. Our power lies in ow we take care of ourselves. Make self-care a priority. Take time to feed the mind, body, and soul.
Big opportunities for deep healing can occur with this Pisces Full Moon. During our monthly Full Moon conference call we will be delving deep into issues related to
Healing Emotional Wounds and Power Struggles with the Pisces Full Moon
– releasing issues related to judgement, self-care, and spiritual development
– resolving issues our ancestors had related to personal power (DNA healing)
– and balancing power struggles within ourselves and spiritual beliefs
Join us on Monday, September 8, 2014
9 pm EDT / 8 pm CT / 7 pm MT / 6 pm PT

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Spend time acknowledging your accomplishments and relish in the power of the Harvest Pisces Full Moon.