Are you ready to BE who truly came here to BE?
The Moon affects our emotions
Cancer is the ruling planet of the moon, so this New Moon will be all about our emotional state at this time. It is time to tap into your emotions to gain clarity on how you would like to move forward. Our emotions will be fueling our thoughts to motivate us create the changes we desire in our lives at this time.
The Cancer New Moon
Celebrate your freedom with the Cancer New Moon on July 4, 2016 at 7:03am EDT (4:03am PDT). It’s significant whenever the New Moon falls on our birthday. It means there are opportunities to reboot our system and be in our authentic self in a new way. With this new moon falling on the birth of our nation, what will be rebirthed? Change is necessary, so it will be interesting to see what begins to change as the nation steps into its authentic self.
Cancer enhances intuition.
Our intuition will be heightened as well at this time which will help us as we navigate the smoke and mirrors of our outer worlds. This will push some of us to become a rebel against those that are still holding onto traditional values and approaches to everyday life. You maybe reflecting on some childhood conditioning that you applying to your life currently that is no longer beneficial. It is also beneficial that you set healthy boundaries right now; carrying other people’s emotional dead weight is not beneficial for you now or ever. Return them back to the owner.
Cancer New Moon intentions.
Creating intentions and/or goals around your home and family will important during this New Moon. Cancer is the sign nurturing, home and family, caring, safety so focusing on these areas in your life will important over this lunar cycle. As you have positive thoughts and intentions for your life, you will be able to bring them down more quickly into your real world. “As above, so below” is another important theme playing out right now. Make sure you are clearly seeing your vision and sending out positive flow.
Cancer and the Chakras
The chakra associated with Cancer is located between the 2nd and 3rd chakras. It represents our dual nature, our connection between heaven and earth. This new moon helps us how to manifest in physical form what we desire on a higher plane. It supports us in bringing ideas into reality, anchoring them and bringing them into reality. Cancer supports the Solar Plexus which is associated with our emotional intelligence and affects our self-confidence. When balanced we are confident, playful, and have the ability to meet challenges.
Imbalances in this chakra show up in the form of a person being emotionally distant, having poor discipline, and blaming others versus taking responsibility. It may reflect physically in the body as digestive issues, liver issues, autonamic nervouse issues, gall bladder and spleen issues, or lower back issues.
Use essential oils, energy releasing techniques, breath work, journaling, and yoga to restore balance within your chakras. For other information about chakra balancing click on the button below.
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Journaling with the Cancer New Moon
Use journaling to address difficult issues or emotions that have been coming up. This structure helps you put issues and emotions into perspective. It also helps you find solutions and resolve them.
Journaling also helps you add structure to ideas. Putting your pen to paper is a powerful way to formalize your thoughts and fully express what’s been running around in your head. You may find the structure helps you move forward because you’re able to see possible pathways to make your thoughts reality.
FREE monthly New Moon Conference Call
Each month we offer insight into the new moon, how to work with its energy and end the night with a guided imagery meditation to help set your intentions. Join us!
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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.
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Use the Cancer New Moon to focus on personal development, honoring what makes you feel secure. Listen to your gut instincts and honor them. Take time to re-organize your life. Be aware of your roots. And create a support system that helps you grow.