Expanding your roots with the Taurus New Moon.  The roots are taking hold from the intentions set with the Aries New Moon. Now in Taurus the seedlings are sprouting in the fertile soil of  Taurus. Each New Moon helps plant new seeds and supports you as you move through the astrology houses. Each new moon is an opportunity to set new intentions, begin new projects and expand existing ones.

The Taurus New Moon is compassionate, nurturing and supporting you in bringing your goals to fruition in physical form. As an earth sign, Taurus is a powerful time for planting – both physically and energetically. Taurus is linked to nature and Mother Earth.  It reminds you to tune into the natural rhythms of the earth and to be more grounded. The Taurus New Moon takes place on May 11, 2021 at 2:59 pm ET (11:59 am PT).

Taurus reminds you to look at the beauty around you and appreciate what you have. Being in nature heightens your senses and helps you be more grounded. There’s so much going on when you’re out in nature, whether it’s the birds chirping, smelling the flowers or seeing the trees blossoming. There is a lot to take in right now that supports you in feeling grounded and connected.

Uranus is energizing this New Moon as it is also in Taurus. Known as the rebel and awakener, Uranus creates sudden changes, eruptive behavior, and shifts in perceptions. It moves you forward through breakthroughs and breakouts. It can be shocking, revealing hidden elements and bringing truth and light to them.

Taurus rules your values, it helps create something tangible and in physical form. It also rules money, the economy, banking, stock markets, agriculture and food supplies. There may be an upleveling of your values and aligning with what matters most. This New Moon is helping you create a clear vision of what you’re creating. Uranus in Taurus may cause volitility in supply chains and the economy in general. This information is meant to help you prepare without being fearful.

What matters to you? Use this Full Moon to deeply connect with what you value most. With Uranus in Taurus, there may be a sudden shift in what you want as new information comes to light. Be open to things happening differently than expected. It’s important to remain grounded while entertaining new options or possibilities.

The New Moon is powerful!  Uranus, the Sun and Moon in Taurus is leading you towards something bigger and better. Pluto at a trine to the Sun and Moon is providing a foundation for transformation.  It’s helping you see the truth of particular situations or seeing yourself in a new light.  It may be helping you break free from authority figures or old paradigms that no longer serve you.

Saturn in Aquarius continues to be at a square with Uranus. It’s a clash between the old system (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus). Notice any places where this tension is showing up for you. Sometimes there is a great desire to hold onto what is familiar, even when we want something different. Simply bring mindfulness about situations in your life that create conflict or “dis-ease” and see if you are able to let go of the old and embrace something new.

Use journaling or the journal prompts to determine what you want. Then once you set your Aries intentions, use them as a reference point throughout the year with each of the new moons. Manifesting requires that you let go of the old, embrace being uncomfortable and allow yourself to grow into what you want to create.

Mercury, the North Node and Venus in Gemini are creating a chatty and buzzy energy. The are following up  where Mars was last month in Gemini. You may be filled with ideas with where you want to go next (North Node). Mercury wants information and data dumps, it may cause you to look at many options to figure out the next step. It’s a great time to journal about ideas, just to get them out of your head.

Where is the Taurus New Moon taking place for you? Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to see what House 22 of Taurus falls in for you. This will help you fine tune your goals and align more deeply with the Taurus energy.

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Use the resource recommendations below as well as the New Moon Masterclass to release emotional wounds and liming beliefs and attract all the goodness you want!

Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

Tune into the rhythms of nature.
Be receptive to your personal values.
You may not “know” how you’re going to get it, simply set the intentions.

What goals will you Seed with the Taurus New Moon?

What parts of your power will you Reclaim?

Happy Taurus New Moon!