The regal lion influences our us as we enter the New Moon in Leo this week. It occurs on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 6:42 pm EDT (3:42 pm PDT). With a new moon the sun and the moon join together to seed the next thirty day cycle. The new moon is a time of initiation, new beginnings, and a fresh start. You can flow with each cycle when you learn to work with the natural astrological characteristics that influence each cycle.
With the Leo New Moon we are reminded to expand our creative self-expression and follow our heart. The lion is the top of the food chain, and everyone knows it. It has nothing to prove to anyone. This is a reminder that when we are standing in our full power, this is how we can be – noble, unconcerned about what others think of us, the need to prove our intelligence or overpower others. We know we can win, but do we have to, to prove ourselves?
Leo rules our solar plexus – the energy center (chakra) where we hold our personal power. It supports our creative impulses. It teaches us to stand in our power, claiming our authentic power, and to follow our passion. It reminds us to let go of what other people or society tells us to be or how to live, and encourages us to listen to the inner promptings of what makes us happy and feel successful.
With this New Moon in Leo think about expansion. Leo is a fire sign – and fire signs are a good time to expand an existing business, start new projects, relationships, or take whatever you focus on to the next level when you follow your heart’s desires.
Leo is a very generous, giving, loving, courageous, confident, and fearless sign. Areas of focus with this new moon may include where your giving too much or too little? Asking questions such as, “Where am I giving away too much of my power?” is important to look at this time. Learning to stand in our power requires that we set boundaries, communicate what we like and dislike and honor ourselves by sticking to what is important to us. When we do this we gain both self-respect and the respect of others. Ask yourself, “Why am I so courageous, fearless, and strong and follow my heart’s desires? Where can I “be” myself?” Be open to what promptings may show up.
Leo rules the 5th House – the House of Family. It reminds us to concentrate on our romantic live, family, relationships and communication with personal relationships. Think about ways to express the positive attributes of Leo – such as being caring, active, open, hospitable, generous, and magnanimous.
With the Leo New Moon we have the support to make important life changes – letting go of the job, relationship, or anything that no longer serves us. These changes can be as big as you want. Concentrate on new ways to enhance your creativity and build up feelings of confidence and pride.
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