The New Moon occurs on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 2:40pm EDT (11:40am PDT). The Gemini New Moon presents opportunities to enhance the characteristics of Gemini. Gemini is an air element which encourages us to focus on social aspects, communication, and our thoughts.
The New Moon is a time where the sun and moon come together in one astrological sign to seed the next 30 day cycle. The sun is the male energy while the moon is the female energy. These two aspects unite to create a foundation to help us see the truth related to communicating ideas effectively.
With the Gemini New Moon, it’s a good time to be open, interested, and curious. Gemini brings in mental energies and focus on the conscious mind. It provides the foundation for speaking, writing, and teaching. There may be expansion around new ideas, so think outside of the box. Look for new opportunities that lead you closer to your goals. Be mindful of new information, conveying your ideas, expanding your learning, and asking questions, without becoming overly rational or analytical. You may receive the message you’ve been waiting for.
With the Gemini New Moon, we may see the duality of our lives. Gemini is represented by the twins. It helps us see both sides of the question or multiple solutions. Listen to key messages and follow guidance and inspiration.
This is a time to re-evaluate your communication skills. Listen to other people’s points of view, without defending your position. You may be surprised at what you learn. It is also a good time to expand your intelligence, by improving your skills through education, healing issues related to your childhood, as well as, focusing on you achievements.
With this heightened mental energy your nervous system may feel overloaded or extremely energized. Watch any tendencies to over-commit yourself. Make sure you’re doing something to dispel the excess energy or over-stimulation with meditation or connecting with nature.
The New Moon is a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, and what you want to achieve. In honor of the Gemini New Moon we will be holding a FREE live conference call to discuss manifesting with the Gemini energy on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT) – click here to register. During the call we will provide a guided imagery meditation to support your New Moon intentions.
Be social, network, and communicate with this Gemini New Moon. Join us Tuesday night for the FREE conference call.