The Cancer New Moon begins on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 4:08am EDT (1:08am PDT). This New Moon reveals the power of your emotions. Your emotions set the stage for what you love and value. They enhance your intuition, creative abilities, and imagination. Set goals related to the positive attributes of the crab – setting up the comforts of home, security, and following your passion.
Typically the New Moon is a time of new beginnings and starting new projects. With Mercury retrograde, postpone new projects until July 1st. Instead, explore new ideas and research areas of interest. On July 1st Mercury goes direct and you’re ready to move forward.
Cancer is a water sign and calls us to nurture ourselves and others. Focus on your home, relationships, and career during this New Moon. Notice where you’re receiving support and where you can be more supportive.
Cancer is the Archetype of the Mother. She is nurturing and compassionate. Where can you nurture yourself more? Where can you be more compassionate towards others? When you overcome obstacles you learn compassion. With compassion the vibration of love expands and perceptions shift – seeing the world and people differently.
Cancer enhances our emotions. One of it’s characteristics is its empathetic quality. You pick up the moods and emotions of the people around you. We very aware of this, so you can let go of any emotions that aren’t you. Many of the emotions we hold onto are emotions of people around us. For some reason, we feel it is necessary to carry their burdens. The Cancer energy is a reminder to stop. Let other people fight their battles. Release the need to find solutions for everyone. Help people find the tools to help them resolve their own issues instead of dumping them on you.
Cancer rules the 3rd eye chakra. Pay attention to your dreams. Your soul is speaking to you through them, encouraging you to follow your heart, purpose, and passion. Be open to healing old wounds and free yourself from karmic contracts. The Cancer energy supports you in your efforts. Still the mind and body to hear the voice of the soul through mindful meditation. Trust your gut, and build your intuition.
In honor of the Cancer New Moon we will be holding a live conference call on
Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 9pm EDT [8pm CT / 7pm MT/ 6pm PT]
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During the conference call we will discuss the power of your emotions, how to shift them so you change your vibration, how to work with the lunar cycles, and characteristics of the Cancer New Moon, and finish up with a guided meditation to anchor your New Moon intentions. Whether you’re looking for love, expanding your creativity, or enhancing your bank account, this FREE class helps you manifest more.
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