Gemini New Moon – Mind Mastery

The Gemini New Moon is bringing in a newness. It’s helping you claim and explain your next step. Mercury, who rules Gemini is stealing the show with it communicating and being permanently transformed by the outer planets. Jupiter in Aries, the first sign of the astrology wheel, is starting a new twelve year cycle. So there is a lot of support in setting new goals and taking action with the Gemini New Moon. Review your astrology birth chart to see where the Gemini New Moon is taking place for you. Each new moon begins a new lunar cycle and provides a clean slate for the cycle. It’s a great time to plant new seeds and intentions that relate to the astrology House it’s falling in for you. The New Moon is an introspective time to tune into what matters most and moves your goals forward.

Mastering Mindset

The Gemini New Moon is bringing awareness to your thoughts, how you speak and express yourself. Gemini also rules teaching and learning. This is a good new moon to set your intentions on upgrading your mindset so you become more masterful. Although Gemini is highly creative, it also can feel very scattered. Your ideas may be all over the charts! Write down your ideas and inspiration, then get grounded to see which ones feel right. You may have to wait a couple of weeks to see which ideas stick.

May 30, 2022 at 7:30 am ET (4:30 am PT) is the Gemini New Moon. As an air, Gemini affects your thoughts and mental function. It inspires ideas and helps you consider various options. Your positive and negative thoughts swirl around in your head and only you can manage them. Mastering your mind is one of the key contributors to manifesting your goals. When you set a goal and only think about how you are not good enough or worthy of achieving it, you will never reach it. Shifting negative thoughts of scarcity and fear to positive ones helps you move the needle forward to what you want. Your thoughts become things, so the more intentional you are in your thoughts, the more likely you will achieve whatever you focus upon.

Gemini is highly social media and loves connecting with people. This is a good time to get your message and ideas out there. Talk with new people and open doors of possibilities towards your goals.

Gemini new moon, astrology, essential oils, manifest, manifesting, manifestation

gemini new moon, astrology, manifesting, essential oils, manifestation, emotional healing, LOA, raise your vibe

Express Yourself

Mercury rules Gemini and has recently dipped back into Taurus during the retrograde cycle. It is at the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse a couple of weeks ago, helping you revisit anything that was initiated at that time. With Mercury conjunct the North Node and in aspects with all of the outer planets, there are big changes in the works.

The North Node is sandwiched between Mercury and Uranus, bringing in fresh perspectives or communicating a powerful message. This could be a declaration of some sort of change in your life, whether you have publically spoken it yet or not. There is something related to what you are moving forward with in your life. The relationship between Mercury and the outer planets are upgrading you and supporting cosmic communication and downloads.

Mercury typically represents the daily chatter of your mind, while Uranus is an expression of your higher-mind and expansive ideas. Although they are far enough apart they wouldn’t typically be considered conjunct, with the North Node between them, there is sense of transformation, growth, and new perspectives. These three elements are influencing your perceptions about finances, money, food, resources, and your senses. There are new levels of thinking and ideas related to supply chains, how you value yourself, and new ways of thinking.

In addition to reviewing your birth chart to discover where all of these planets in Taurus are influencing you.

Other Astrology Influences

Jupiter & Mars – are conjunt in Aries on May 29th. Jupiter is starting a new twelve year cycle in Aries. It’s the planet of luck and expansion. You may look back to May/June 2010 to see what was transitioning in your life. This new cycle is a spiral upwards of what was taking place for you back then. It could be recognition, growth, and transformation depending on the astrology House Aries is for you. With Jupiter and Mars conjunct, there is a sense of action or movement towards a cause or goal that is inspired by the shift of Jupiter into Aries. Aries is about initiating something new, just like a new moon, however the cycle lasts around twelve years. Aries wants to take action, so set big intentions based upon the location of Aries in your chart and begin your plan. Use Mars and Jupiter’s focus and drive to push things forward.

Mercury & Saturn – are squaring off. This may cause disagreements in control from authority figures. Saturn leads to control and may be sensorship of information. Saturn is helping you look at things from a long-term perspective. Mercury is also aspecting all of the outer planets – Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. This could bring in new information and downloads that inspire you in a new direction or get solutions to an issue.

Mercury & Pluto are at a trine. Mercury in Taurus is very direct, so with this aspect, it may have a no nonsense way of telling things straight. No fluff or beating around the bush, simply stating the truth with confidence, courage and power.

Mercury & Neptune – this sextile placement is helping you be acutely aware and sensitive to vibrations around you. This is helping you adjust your day to day activities to align with how you want to feel. Your intuition may be heightened. As a result, you may want to socialize with positive people so you avoid absorbing negative vibes.

New Moon Masterclass

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pisces new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
pisces new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Be mindful about new opportunities and expansion.

Notice where permanent changes are taking place.

Be social and connect with the right people!

Happy Gemini New Moon!