Are you no longer satisfied with temporary fixes?

It’s time to get to the root of it all
and maximize your superpowers.

You are the Creator of Your Life!
But it helps to have a guide

Are you ready to…

Hi, I’m Jana Groscost

I’m on a mission… to empower women to live a purpose driven life,
by maximizing their unique Super Powers and thriving in their Genius Zone.

With my passion and enthusiasm, inspire women to dream bigger and live bolder. My soul-purpose is empowering women.

As a business consultant and former tax accountant, I love helping women increase financial literacy, boost confidence, and maximize their personal strengths. As an Energy Healer, I help women unlock their potential and blast past crippling patterns that prevent growth and freedom.

Brick by brick, I strategically help women get better results by giving them tools to breakthrough limitations and take action. It’s my job to show them how to do that.

What thrills me most is seeing the shift people make as a result of participating
in mentoring programs. It literally lights me up when they get it!


$55000Two 1-hr. session
  • Initiating Projects/Planning
  • Planning + Direction
  • Intuitive Healing/Guidance
  • Biz Project Strategy
  • Completion


$33000One 1-hr. session
  • Clarifying direction/issues
  • Intuitive Insight
  • Temporary Support
  • Biz Brainstorming/Strategy
  • Validation


$101000Four 1-hr. sessions
  • Project Support
  • Navigating Transitions
  • Biz Strategy Mentoring
  • Intuitive Healing/Guidance
  • Personal Mastery

Each Mentoring program (session) is unique, and often includes:


You’ll receive personalized & divinely inspired guidance along the way. Each of our sessions together is a new adventure; we’ll dig deep to discover new insights & life strategies, identify patterns, and reclaim your natural strengths. No matter what area of your life you choose to focus on you’ll receive:

✓ Insight and new perspectives to help you shift
✓ Reveal hidden potential or blind spots
✓ Assist you as you discover the lesson & blessing of any circumstance
✓ Support you through your process of discovery, integration & mastery
✓ Guide you to ask the right questions so you can get the right answers
✓ Encourage ongoing practice, as well as spontaneity
✓ Strengthen your connection to your Guides & Invisible Team