Are you ready to manifest an Abundance of health, relationships, doing work you love and create an incredible lifestyle?

What’s the greatest dream you have for your life?
How about doing work that you’re passionate about?
What about creating time freedom and flexibility?

What is your Big Dream for YOUR life?

Imagine what it would be like for your dreams to come true!

Of course, you want the fastest path to achieving your goals without the struggle.

I know, I get it. I’ve been studying & teaching about Manifesting for over 20 years.

I remember when hard it was to consistently manifest. Some days I was on and others way off.

Sometimes it felt like it would be simpler to give up. And I almost did, many times.
I even went through deep dark emotions such as feeling unworthy, despair, jealous and sheer exhaustion.

Let’s face it…

  • There are people in your life that just don’t think big like you do.

  • You’re going it alone with no support because your family & friends don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

  • They may even be jealous of your ambitions because manifesting anything big is impossible for them to comprehend.

  • So there you are…left to go it alone, trying to navigate manifesting on you own.


I don’t know what challenges you face and the blocks and barriers you currently have that could be holding you back.

But I do know those fears and internal barriers will come up from time to time if you don’t have a way to eliminate or release them.

Manifesting Mastery is your “self-improvement gym.”  As I help you overcome the inner blocks and negative emotions that may appear as you grow and move towards your goals. You see when we reach a new level, there’s a new devil.

I’ll be there for you time and time again, helping you release anything that’s blocking you from getting anything you want.

I’ll be helping you change your life as you heal and release the biggest blocks keeping you from quickly taking action.

Of course, the biggest perk of being in manifesting Mastery is having access to me and my 20+ years of Manifesting experience.

But I also want to be armed with the latest inner-game strategies so you can make a big difference in the world with your gift.

You are the Creator of Your Life!

Abundance is your birthright!

Learn tools and tricks to help you Master Manifesting by joining Manifesting Mastery.

Monthly Manifesting Manifesting Sessions

I truly believe that manifesting comes from mastering your inner game. That’s why I’ll be helping with your inner game, including gaining more confidence and getting rid of your doubts and fears.

During these transformational sessions, you will:

  • Discover, heal and release the biggest challenges holding you back.
  • Eliminate your biggest fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.
  • Release anxieties, wories, fears and upsets that can come up that are keeping you from having more peace, joy and flow throughout your day.
  • Activate and install new, more successful modes of operating.
  • Create unshakable confidence so you feel secure in ALL your decisions and actions – vital to creating a life of Abundance.
  • Experience new energy, enthusiasm ad excitement for what is possible for you and your life.

Mastering the inner game is where the biggest difference gets made in your life. Once you do this, Manifesting becomes normal and natural.

Hi, I’m Jana Groscost

I’m on a mission… to empower women to live a purpose driven life, by manifesting their unique goals and thriving in their life.

For over 30 years I’ve been helping women manifest their goals. By breakingthrough blocks, I teach them how to overcome limiting beliefs and core emotional wounds that stop their success. By using the tools in Manifesting Mastery, they have improved their health, created financial freedom, transformed their businesses, feel more confident and created time freedom to do what they love, ultimately helping them dream bigger and live bolder.

What thrills me most is seeing the shift people make as a result of participating in Manifesting Mastery.

It literally lights me up when they get it and manifest more!

Pick the payment option that’s right for you and join Manifesting Mastery now!


$4400Monthly Manifesting Payment Plan
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$3330012 Monthly Manifesting Sessions
  • Save 37% off the monthly rate

In Manifesting Mastery you’ll learn how to manifest by raising your vibe and aligning your energy with what you want most.

Through Manifesting Mastery you’ll be learning how to…

Each monthly Manifesting Mastery session includes:

You’ll receive divinely inspired guidance through each session. Each month is unique and helps you dive deep to discover new insights & issues that stand between you and what you want to manifest. No matter what area of your life you focus on you’ll receive:

✓ Insight and new perspectives to help you shift energy
✓ Reveal hidden potential or blind spots
✓ Assist you in clearing the energy of any circumstance
✓ Support you through discovery, integration & mastery
✓ Ongoing practice to become a Manifesting Master
✓ Strengthen your connection with your Guides & Invisible Team

And much much more…


$4400Monthly Manifesting Payment Plan
  • Cancel subscription any time


$3330012 Monthly Manifesting Sessions
  • Save 37% off the monthly rate

What are you waiting for?
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