The Leo New Moon is Magestic & Magnanimous. It a rich and powerful time to set heart-centered intentions. The Leo energy is creative, dynamic and expands your perceptions. Each New Moon represents a time of setting new goals, planting new seeds and begining new projects. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your goals until you fully manifest them.

The Leo New Moon helps you align with what matters most to you.  As a fire sign it is energizing your passion and what lights you up. It’s courageous, fearless and bold. It boosts your confidence,  and remind you to tune into your child-like curiousity about the world and your path.

The Leo New Moon is taking place on a special date – August 8, 2021 at 9:50 am ET (6:50 am PT).  The 8.8 date is called the Lion’s Gate, making this an even more powerful New Moon. The eight turned on its side is the symbol of infinity. There’s a boost of cosmic energy coming in to support you. The Sun is at home in Leo, since it rules Leo. This New Moon amplifies what you want. It’s playful energy is reminding you to stop taking yourself so seriously. It’s a caring, compassionate nature, energizes and recharges your batteries, supporting you in discovering what steps feel right.

You may feel introspective, diving into your truth and aligning with it more fully. You may be inspired and step forward with confidence and conviction, claiming your path or having clarity in your direction. Follow your heart… follow your dreams.

Leo is heart-centered. It supports you in living from your heart – and what passion really drives you. This New Moon may provide insight into why you’re here and owning that power. You may be inspired to draw from your experiences to expand your confidence and life more freely. You may be understanding yourself and have clarity about yourself.

Mercury is also in Leo. It’s a few degrees ahead of the Sun and Moon, activating communication around your desires. You may feel inspired to think differently, write about new insights or what’s transitioning for you and express your heart’s desires. More than anything, Mercury supports you in expressing what’s in your heart and gut.

The Leo energy affect both the Solar Plexus (3rd chakra) and harnessing your personal power, as well as the Heart chakra. Without feeling confident in your power it’s difficult to express and live heart centered. Journal about times in your life that when you felt powerful and confident. Use this as support in stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Leo enhances your personal power and ability to use your power to create your bold, beautiful life. It reminds you to go within and claim your power, personal will and honor that part of yourself. It’s suports you ensure you’re aligned with your life’s path.

The Sun, Moon & Uranus are at a square position. Uranus may be throwing you a curve ball as it provides sudden and unexpected change. You may be surprised at what comes is transitioning. There may be a sense of letting go of what you don’t need even if it felt important before. Uranus may be shaking things up, helping you break free from past patterns and programming. It’s helping you align more fully with your higher-self and heart’s desires.

Practice tuning into and breathing through your heart several times a day. By focusing on the breath in your heart, you get out of your head and feel more deeply into making decisions that are right for you. What tools helps you navigate emotional outbursts and feel calm?

As you focus more deeply on your desires and tune out the outer world, you begin to align more deeply with your path. You also receive insight into the next right step, helping you feel more peaceful and content with your life in general.

Uranus in Taurus is opening you up to new possibilities. This may come as shocking news or events that may seem overwhelming to manage. Realize that sometimes things have to happen in this way when you’re having difficulty making necessary changes. Uranus continues dancing at a square with Saturn throughout this year. It’s helping you break free of limitations.

Venus & Mars in Virgo are helping you tune into what your body needs. They are helping you process energy and restructure your habits to keep your body healthy. Virgo relates to the daily habits that help manage health and well being. You may also feel inspired to organize and clean house, preparing for transitions in your life.

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius continue to present the bigger, futuristic vision of what you want. This year’s recurring theme is expanded with the Sun in Leo. Where Aquarius relates to group, Leo hones in on personal needs. With this New Moon you may be able to harness some big ideas and see how it effects you personally. The Leo sun is helping you anchor your ideas (Aquarius) and move them forward (Leo).

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

What do you really want?
Set your intentions to align with your heart’s desires.

Tune into what helps you feel truly powerful.
Practice self-care to ground yourself so you feel confident in yourself.

What goals will you set with the Leo New Moon?

Happy Gate of Power & Leo New Moon!