The airy Gemini New Moon inspires you to plant new seeds around your inner and outer communication.  Each new moon provides an opportunity to review, rewrite, and reset your intentions.  Working with the lunar cycles each month helps attune to your inner compass, flowing with the rhythms of nature. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, planting new seeds, and starting new projects.

Gemini New Moon
The Gemini New Moon takes place on June 3, 2019 at 6:02 am ET (3:02 am PT).  As an air sign, Gemini stimulates your mental capacity. It inspires new ideas, sharpens your mind, and energizes your goals.

Gemini is curious and seeks new solutions. What roadblocks have you been experiencing with your goals? This Gemini New Moon may help you find new solutions. Gemini enhances your intellect, helping you be more clever and quick-witted. It is adaptable, helping you go with the flow instead of resisting. Where can you lean into and adapt to the changes you’re experiencing?

This highly active mental energy can cause confusion as mental chatter is heightened. It may drum up resistance to potential changes. It also could cause you to feel scattered and ungrounded. Use tools such as walking in nature, meditation, yoga, and essential oils to help you feel grounded. Also using breath work to bring more oxygen into your brain and body will help with any feelings of overwhelm or disconnection.

This Gemini New Moon is a great time for writing and verbally expressing yourself through talking out your ideas, using social media to express your message and creative writing to capture your ideas and emotions. Use this time to jot down inspiration to find a common link to what feeds your soul.

You may be surprised by the threads in your life that weave together your Personal Divine Blueprint.

Your Magic Wand
There are two great books that have shaped the foundation of my life – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Your Word Is Your Wand by Florence Shovall Shinn. Both of these powerful books have a common premis – the power of words. Words can bring you the greatest joy and happiness or deepest despair. It’s not about just reading these books, but actually living them. For years I have integrated the principles of these two books (and many others) to help me raise my vibe and manifest magic. The Gemini New Moon is a great time to connect with words that uplift and inspire you. Use words that raise your frequency and help you manifest magic.

After being a coach in the self-help industry for over 30 years, I realize that most people want a quick fix. They want a magic wand waved over them to create miraculous results whether it’s weight loss, more success or better relationships. Unfortunately this isn’t the way manifesting happens. Getting something better is an inner journey that is shaped by consistently shifting your thoughts and actions everyday that lead to better results. Honestly, if it was easy everyone would do it, right?!?

One of the Four Agreements is to be “impeccable with your word.” Living this one Agreement aligns you with your personal integrity. The idea is not just about being honest with others, but also with yourself. Where are you telling yourself stories that are keeping you locked in past programming? What “racket” or “chatter” is going on in your head that keeps your vibe low? Take advantage of the Gemini New Moon to clean up your act by shifting the stories you tell yourself about “not being enough” to “I am enough.” This simple mantra is powerful and shifts your entire countenance. Each time you feel unworthy or not enough, remind yourself that you are worthing and deserving. As your inner vibe transforms, your outer world aligns with your inner vibe. You’ll begin to attract more of the good stuff you want.

Other Planetary Players
Mercury is also in Gemini with the New Moon. Mercury stimulates thoughts, communication, and ideas. It is opposite of Jupiter in Sagittarius, expanding your ideas even more. You may have big ideas that take you in a new direction or inventive information that takes existing goals to the next level. Be intune with flashes of insight without discounting it. You may get amazing downloads to support your personal growth. Along with Mercury and Jupiter opposing each other, Neptune is square to them. This is the higher mind or the God connection. This placement of planets may be very favorable and exactly what your need to expand your growth and ideas.

Tools for the Gemini New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the Gemini New Moon?

Copiaba, Frankincense & Lavender – Support you with your personal self-expression. They inspire you to speak up, and express your truth so you feel more empowered. Using these oils may help boost your creative efforts and fan the fire of inspiration.

Other Essential Oils
Cypress  – enhances “flow.” It increase both the fluids and energy moving through your body. This will help you release stuck patterns and programming, as well as toxins that keep you stuck. As your energy flow increases you’ll manifest more of the good stuff you want.

Bergamot – enhances your self-worth and helps you build confidence. It shows you that you are enough and deserve all the good things life has to offer.

You can learn more about these and other essential oils, as well as discover essential oils that will support you in manifesting more by joining us for the Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oil call right after the Gemini New Moon call.

Word List – spend time mindfully writing down words that inspire you or help you feel uplifted. Pick a word each day to focus on an integrate into your life. You’ll be amazed at what you attract to you when you’re focused on a specific “word of the day.”

This also is a good time to reconnect with your “word of the year.” How are you living your word of the day/year? Where can you be more mindful about living it? At the end of the night journal about your experiences in using this word and how your perceptions shifted.

Journal Prompts
Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas. During the new moon journal “as if” your goals have already been achieved. It’s a very powerful tool to engage your imagination and plant seeds in the subconscious. People that visualize themselves achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them. Visualize yourself making the sell, getting the job, building healthy relationships, being fit and healthy, or whatever your goals are for the new moon.

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The Gemini New Moon is mentally stimulating and communicative. 
Fine tune your vibe by following and enhancing your intuition, as well as boosting your confidence.

What intentions are you setting with the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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