The Leo New Moon inspires you to action towards your heart’s desires.  Each new moon provides an opportunity to review, rewrite, and reset your intentions.  Working with the lunar cycles each month helps attune to your inner compass, flowing with the rhythms of nature. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, planting new seeds, and starting new projects.

Leo New Moon
The Leo New Moon takes place on July 31, 2019 at 11:11 pm ET (8:11 pm PT).  As a fire sign, Leo is boosting your confidence and helping your draw on your inner strength. It’s enhancing  your inner vitality, stirring creative juices and giving you the courage to take a risk.

The New Moon is helping you feel more stable and strengthens who you are now and what lights you up. Since the Sun rules Leo, there is ancient wisdom, an a vitality that is being activated within the solar plexus. You may have more insight of what that is or it may take some time to process. Honor yourself with self-care and allow the timing of things to reveal themselves when the time is right. Be mindful of what lights you up; expand that feeling  through visualization and seeing yourself getting the results you want.

Activation and awakening to higher levels of consciousness are available with the Leo New Moon. It’s reminding you to love yourself and do what matters most to you. What or who inspires you? How can you take that idea to the next level? Leo helps you tune into creative solutions and take action towards achieving them. This is a great time to take all of your ideas and inspiration that is being activated, pulling them into your body to manifest them into physical form.

With this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are flanked by the Divine Masculine (Mars) and Divine Feminine (Venus) energies of Mars and Venus who are both in Leo. These personal planets are helping you look at what is personal to you. It’s liberating you and the beliefs and programming that hold you back. What old systems are being highlighted with the placement of these planets?

The Sun, Moon and Venus are squaring Uranus, causing an awakening. This time may reflect so big changes about what you want in your life (value-Uranus in Taurus) and how to live life on your terms. With Uranus in Taurus it’s helping you redefine your value system. It’s helping you see what you want in your life and clearing out what no longer works for you. It breaks down and causes you to breakthrough limitations. Uranus creates sudden, unexpected changes that move you towards the life you want. It’s helping you go to the next level. This may be something different than you expected, but you’re being supported by the Universe. It’s helping you see your life’s purpose and the contributions you’re here to make. There’s a sense of excitement, uncertainty and unpredictability with the personal nature of this Leo New Moon. Uranus is helping you tune into your passions and heart’s desires. Trust that you’re being divinely guided towards your destiny.

Mercury moves direct the day of the Leo New Moon. It’s still in Cancer, bringing up emotionally what inspires you. It’s helping you communicate your passions so you live authentically. Chiron is also influencing the personal nature of the Leo New Moon. With it in Aries it’s inspiring you to be true to yourself. It supports you in healing the past. Use the Chiron energy to show the world your true self.  There are big influences over the next several weeks affecting your decisions that help you live your best life. It’s time to create the physical reality you want that is innovative and connected to your higher-self. These major planetary influences are giving you the courage to declutter the emotional closet and step into what feels authentic and real to you.

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. This will help you in letting go of the past, embrace your path and create your Good Vibe Life.  Need some help navigating your chart? Schedule a session with Jana. During a session you’ll receive insight into your birth chart and how the planets are influencing you now, you’ll receive healing energy work to balance of your chakra systems, and clear baggage from your emotional body. As a result of sessions clients report to feel more grounded, feel energized, have more clarity and understanding about themselves, and are inspired to take action towards their goals.

Tools for the Leo New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the Gemini New Moon?

Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang and Rose – Support you aligning with your heart’s desires. Wild Orange inspires creativity and helps you feel uplifted.  Ylang Ylang helps you tap into your inner child and helping you see life with childlike wonder. Diffuse Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon. It’s invigorating and uplifting! Rose is the “oil of unconditional love” helping you tune in and attain the life you want.

Other Essential Oils
Melissa  –  inspires optimism and seeing the bright side of transitions. It is liberating, helping you break free of old patterns and limitations. As your energy flow increases you’ll manifest more of the good stuff you want.

You can learn more about these and other essential oils, as well as discover essential oils that will support you in manifesting more by joining us for the Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oil call right after the Leo New Moon Masterclass.

F-U-N List – make a list of everything that brings you JOY and is FUN! It’s summer time. Enjoy the warm, lazy days, and dare to dream your new reality. Use your list to do something FUN or brings you JOY each day. When you play you increase your creative juices and get your energy moving.

As a fire sign, the Leo New Moon is action oriented. It gives you new perspective and direction that align you with your heart’s desires. Play with it. Boost your confidence and see how your courage increases. You’ll feel empowered and inspired with the Leo New Moon.

Journal Prompts
Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas. During the new moon journal “as if” your goals have already been achieved. It’s a very powerful tool to engage your imagination and plant seeds in the subconscious. People that visualize themselves achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them. Visualize yourself making the sell, getting the job, building healthy relationships, being fit and healthy, or whatever your goals are for the new moon.

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During the masterclass and meditation you may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity and open you up for deeper messages from your higher-self. If you can’t make the live call, it will we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.

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The Leo New Moon is magnanimous  
and helps you align with your heart’s desires.  Trust your emotions and gut instincts to guide your life. Honor the natural cycles you feel and where you’re ready to grow.

What intentions are you setting with the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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