The Aquarius Full Moon is liberating.  It highlighting your life, revealing what areas of your life you need to focus on most. The Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle.  It’s the place where the sun and moon are opposite of each other, enhancing duality and helping you find balance. There may be a sense of completion and it may reveal a culmination of your efforts.  The full moon is emotional, triggering fears and old programming. The light of the full moon illuminates unseen elements of yourself, your psyche and unconscious.

Aquarius Full Moon
The Aquarius Full Moon is helping you see a deeper side of yourself. Since Aquarius is a futuristic sign, it’s helping you get a glimpse of where you’re going. It opens you up to new possibilities, as both Saturn and Jupiter will be crossing this point later this year, giving you a glimpse of things to come.

Because of it’s futuristic nature, the Aquarius Full Moon is providing insight into what 2021 will look like. There is a sense of opening and expansion. See what House this falls in your chart. This Full Moon may be helpful in seeing where your life is moving to and the next step.

Aquarius helps you see your individuality. It’s independent, supporting you in understanding your unique gifts and how to bring those into the world. The world needs what you have to offer! 2020 has been a year of re-calibration, renewal and adjustment to align with your Divine self.

The Aquarius Full Moon takes place on August 3, 2020 at 11:58 am ET (8:58 am PT). It’s dynamic and radiant. It helps you realize what you value most. It’s creative and helping you see your unique gifts. What divine gifts are you here to share with your community and the world?

Passion + Courage
Aquarius helps you share your light and what you love with the world. You came into this world with specific gifts that are your unique signature, and Aquarius helps you align to them. Each of our gifts contribute to the evolutionary rise of the collective conscious. With the sun in Leo and the moon in Aquarius, you may have inspiration and creative bursts that help you see those gifts (Leo).  Take note of messages from others as clues for your next step.

A Full Moon takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. The Moon in Aquarius is thought provoking and helps you connect more deeply with your community and like minded people.  It’s helping you expand your ideas and share your gifts through collaboration. Aquarius is visionary and helps you see the bigger picture. When the moon is in Aquarius, the Sun is in Leo. Leo is creative, passionate, and courageous. It helps you display your leadership, your pride and what you want to do that is uniquely you! What do you want to do with your creative self (Leo) and bring it into the future (Aquarius)? This full moon is helping you get a glimpse of how to move forward. It helps you see what is most important to you. As a fixed sign it’s giving you the staying power to follow whatever you’re most passionate about.

Planetary Influences
Uranus in Taurus at a square with the sun and moon. Uranus is creating innovative opportunities in physical form (Taurus).  This square is disruptive and shocking. There may be unexpected developments. It’s clearing the channels, helping you let go and allowing growth to happen. It’s taking you out of your comfort zone and exploring new options. It’s liberating!

Venus and the North Node in Gemini are also supporting something new as the are conjunct with the Aquarius Full Moon. It’s a glimpse into what you love (Venus) and where your destiny and the destiny of humanity is moving. Venus is receptive and a feminine energy. It’s a reminder to be open. Venus also helps shift your values and align with what you want most. This may show up as new ideas, beginning new projects and understanding how to navigate the dualities that exist in life. The North Node reflects your soul’s growth and the next step. These influences in Gemini remind you to stay open to options. There may be two options or ideas. Sit with these before taking action and see which one feels right for you. There may be a lot of changes transpiring, be open to what you’re learning, your stories and how to shift.

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New Connections
With the Aquarius Full Moon comes enhanced connections with like minded people. It’s an opportunity to socialize, volunteer for something you’re passionate about, or find a way to share your knowledge and wisdom. Make the most of this Full Moon by discovering what astrology house it’s falling in for you. This will give you insight into your next step and helps you make sense of what’s taking place in your life.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Aquarius Full Moon? What is revealing itself that wants to be expressed over the next six months? Review the goals you set six months ago with the Aquarius New Moon. You may have reached them, or perhaps you’ll have additional insight to take them further or make adjustments to enhance your success.

What will you do Release with the Aquarius Full Moon?

What will you Reclaim?

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