The Scorpio New Moon pushes us to see what lies under the surface.
Scorpio is passionate, probing, perceptive, deep, focused, intense, and resourceful. The New Moon occurs on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 5:57pm ET (2:57pm PT). The Scorpio New Moon is a great time to focus on skills of self-mastery versus settling for status quo.
Scorpio encourages us to dig deep into our personal mysteries.
It helps us resolve issues related to addiction, control, intimacy, money, and power. Wow, it could be a very action packed time! Those are some supercharged issues to be working with.
As if the Scorpio New Moon isn’t intense enough, it is amplified with a solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the sun, which lights our path, is joined by the moon’s dark mysterious side. With this occurring in Scorpio, it’s a period of renewal in our personal development. Both our spirituality and psyche are rebooted and take us towards self-mastery.
Solar eclipses represent a new chapter is emerging.
All eclipses indicate change. They represent letting go of the old, and embracing the new. Solar eclipses generally emphasize beginnings and manifesting on an outer level. How do we present ourselves? What new commitments do we make to ourselves? How can we work more efficiently and effectively? How can we take life to the next level?
Excitement is brewing!
There may be feelings of the need to work at a faster pace, feeling restless, the need to make difficult decisions, change, experience crisis, and/or feeling pressured related to deadline and intensified emotions. Remember at this time, self care is vital! Rejuvenate yourself daily by doing things off your J-O-Y list. You’ll be able to achieve more when you are taking care of yourself.
As we enter this new lunar cycle, we are here to help you manage the challenges you’re facing and help you manifesting more of what you want. We offer a FREE monthly New Moon calls.
Scorpio New Moon Teleconference will be held on
Thursday, October 23, 2014
9pm EDT | 8pm CDT | 7pm MDT | 6pm PDT

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During the call we will discuss the energy of the Scorpio New Moon, provide suggestions to enhance your ability to manifest your desires, and finish the call with a guided imagery meditation. The call will be recorded and available to listen if you’re unable to attend live.
Intuition is heightened with this Scorpio New Moon.
Although the details of our plans are probably still hidden at this point, it’s a reminder to have faith that good things are coming when we stay true to our heart. We may need to look back before moving forward. Join us on Thursday!