The New Moon
A new moon is a time of new beginnings. It’s a good time to plant new seeds, begin new projects and focus on the area of your astrology chart where Pisces is located. Like all new beginnings this is a time to assess your situation and see where this Pisces new moon falls in your chart.
Dreamy and Expansive
The Pisces New Moon is dreamy, expansive, and enhances your connection to source. It is extremely intuitive and creative, helping you tap into higher realms of inspiration where you lose your sense of self. What can you do to get into “the zone?” Consciously access this state may be done through meditation, breath work, walking in nature, or listening to music. It’s that daydreamy state where you access a greater connection to source which helps you expand your confidence, find new solutions to problems, and have access to new ideas. The Pisces New Moon helps you break out of the “humanness” of being busy and rushing around. Pisces encourages you to connect more deeply with your Higher-self, and honor the guidance you receive. Are you ready to let go of busy-ness?
Pisces New Moon
The Pisces New Moon takes place on March 17, 2018 at 9:11am EDT (6:11am PDT). Use the weekend of the new moon to tune into your psychic abilities. These subtle energies require slowing down and turning inward. Perhaps you hear something that validates something you’ve been thinking about. Maybe new inspiration comes through your dreamtime. You may want to set aside time to connect and tune into your bigger vision. Create time and space for silence and to do the inner work to get outward results. With the New Moon it’s wise to set intentions and clearly visualize yourself “as if” you’ve already manifested your desires. The power of your imagination creates a hologram that begins to construct your new reality. It’s the inner work that holds the power to manifesting your hopes and dreams.
Planetary Influences
There is a major upleveling taking place with the Pisces New Moon. As a water sign, Pisces is deeply emotional. It helps clear away emotional blocks related to having a deep, personal connection with Creator. With the New Moon we have the sun moon, Neptune, and Chiron all influencing us in Pisces. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality and supports your spiritual connection to Source. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010 and will be moving into Aries in April. Chiron is called the wounded healer. It helps you understand your life lessons and limitations you experience such as separation, and not feeling good enough. Chiron helps you find alternative solutions for deep healing work that releases grief, sadness, anger, separation, and feeling like a victim. Chiron reminds us to surrender to our higher power to support the healing process. Are you willing to let go? If so, this New Moon provides an opportunity to release a lot of limitating beliefs, while Neptune will help you recalibrate to higher levels of enlightenment by helping you see new presepctives on how you manage your emotions. Need some energy work to help with your recalibration process? Book a Pisces New Moon energy healing session with me.
Pisces and the Pineal Gland
The Pineal Gland is located in the center of the brain and is part of the 3rd Eye. It’s function is to help process information you receive from your Divine self. By stripping away misperceptions and tightly held beliefs related to having a deep and personal connection with your Creator, you re-activate the Pineal Gland. As you enhance your connection with your Creator, you feel more confident in making decisions, are more attuned to subtle messages, and feel empowered. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the wake/sleep patterns and seasonal patterns. Imbalances in this chakra may show up as headaches, dizziness, foggy thinking, vision issues, sinus issues, nervousness, sleep patterns, lack of inspiration, perceptiveness, and intuition. Meditation, spending time in nature, using essential oils, practicing yoga, or prayer, and practicing these mantras can help restore balance within the pineal gland.
Tools for the Pisces New Moon
Each new moon provides you with an opportunity to go inward and explore what wants to be known or expressed through you. Since the Pisces new moon relates to connecting deeply with your intuition and the Divine, use these journal prompts to shift perspectives and understand yourself better. As a result of entertaining these prompts, your soul may inspire you to take action in an unexpected way. Expressing your thoughts in written form is such a powerful tool to organize your thoughts and clarify emotions that are coming up.
Essential Oils and the Pisces New Moon
Essential oils support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They naturally work with you body’s chemistry to restore balance, helping you shift perspectives, dissolve old patterns and programming. Pisces supports us in connecting more deeply with your Divinity and shift your way of being. Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense are some of my favorite oils to support spiritual development and enhance connecting more deeply with your Divine self. In using these tools you may develop a deeper connection with your intuition by finding information that validates what you feel within.
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Pisces New Moon Conference Call
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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live event.
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