The Cancer New Moon supports creating intimacy.
This includes honoring our deepest need to be nurtured. This includes creating our sense of security and safety from our home. Any new projects related to stabilizing our home life, accepting support, offering support, and caring for ourselves and others is enhanced with the Cancer New Moon.
The Cancer New Moon occurs on July 15, 2015 at 9:26pm EDT (6:26pm PDT).
New Moons are a time of new beginnings. Each new lunar cycle is enhanced by the astrological sign it travels through bringing forth the unique characteristics of that sign. With the new moon there is less “emotional” pull on us since both the moon and sun are in the same sign. With the new moon, set intentions and begin new projects that encompass the Cancer characteristics.
Cancer – a cardinal water sign.
Cardinal signs represent new beginnings and initiations. Cancer is intuitive, feeling, and nurturing. It is led by emotions and focuses on building family and acquiring domestic security. The Cancer new moon reveals the power of our emotions. And emotions set the stage for what we love and value. They enhance or block intuition creativity, and imagination. This may be a good moon to determine what makes you feel secure. All water signs remind us to use our emotional guidance system and to follow our passions.
The 4th House – The House of Home + Family.
Home and family are the foundation that provide our sense of security. Exploring and developing inner security is enhanced with the Cancer new moon. Using your emotions to help you deepen your self-compassion will help enhance your ability to create intimacy. When you honor and trust yourself, you can build trust with others. It’s a good time to re-organize your space, enhance family ties, and being aware of your roots. It all begins with being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for your fears instead of projecting them onto others.

As the Dalai Lama said, “When you realize that everything springs from yourself, you will learn peace and joy.”

Cancer and the Chakras
The chakra associated with the Cancer sign sits between the 2nd and 3rd chakras. It helps us navigate the duality that exists in our world. We learn through duality. For example, we know light because we know darkness. Duality relates to everything in our lives. Our struggles are not there to keep us in a victimized state, but help us see that what we don’t want so we are grateful when life is less challenging. During this lunar cycle honor take note of areas of your life where duality is still pulling you in opposition.
Imbalances in this chakra show up physically as lower back pain (feeling unsupported), digestive issues, liver dysfunction, nervous system issues, or gall bladder and spleen problems. It may be a good time to let go of fears and beliefs related to feeling unsupported or feelings related to standing in your power.
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Each new moon is a time of new beginnings, planting intentions, and starting new projects. There is typically a sense of calmness with the new moon as the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign. Each new moon takes on a unique flare and characteristics as it moves through the astrological signs. During our monthly manifesting call we talk about how to work with the characteristics of each cycle and how that helps you attract what you want.
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    Intuition heightened with the Cancer New Moon.
    Turn your attention inward with the Cancer New Moon to develop a healthy sense of self as you honor your emotions. This new moon may help you burst past emotional blockages that stand between you and whatever you want to manifest. Honor your fears and beliefs, switching them to what you actually want to create. You may have amazing breakthroughs!