The Aquarius Full Moon is enlightening and courageous.  It expands how your see yourself and helps you tune into what you value most. The Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle. It provides a sense of culmination of your efforts or perhaps closure and a sense completion.  The full moon is emotional, triggering fears and old programming. The light of the full moon illuminates unseen elements of yourself, your psyche and unconscious.

Aquarius Full Moon
The Aquarius Full Moon brings to light hidden talents and unique gifts that you’re here to share with others. It ignites and helps you align with your passion. It is deeply personal related to what you love (Leo) and sharing your unique gifts (Aquarius).

The Aquarius Full Moon takes place on August 15, 2019 at 5:29 am ET (2:29 am PT). It’s dynamic and radiant. It helps you realize what you value most. It’s creative and helping you see your unique gifts. What divine gifts are you here to share with your community and the world?

Passion Ignited
Aquarius helps you share your light and what you love with the world. You came into this world with specific gifts that are your unique signature, and Aquarius helps you attune to them. Each of our gifts contribute to the evolutionary rise of the collective conscious. With the sun in Leo and the moon in Aquarius, you may have inspiration and creative burst that help you see those gifts (Leo). Uranus is at a 90 degree angle (T-square) to the Sun-Moon axis. It’s innovative and creates sudden change. You may be inspired with the creative juices flowing that align you with your higher purpose. Since the full moon is reflective, this may show up as other people saying, “Have you ever thought about doing ______?” or “You’re so good at ______.”  Often when we are good at something or it comes naturally to us we expect everyone to be that way. Take note of messages from others as clues for your next step.

A Full Moon takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. The Moon in Aquarius is thought provoking and helps you connect more deeply with your community and like minded people.  It’s helping you expand your ideas and share your gifts through collaboration. Aquarius is visionary and helps you see the bigger picture. When the moon is in Aquarius, the Sun is in Leo. Leo is passionate, loving and courageous. It helps you see what is most important to you. As a fixed sign it’s giving you the staying power to follow whatever you’re most passionate about.

Inspired Action
Fire signs are action oriented. They light a fire under your ideas by getting the creative juices flowing. With five planets in fire signs you may be pushed to make changes.  In addition to the Sun in Leo, Venus (love, money, values), Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) are also in Leo. There is a opportunity for “inspired action” with all of these planets being ignited by the fiery Leo energy. Jupiter (luck and expansion) is in Sagittarius (fire sign), helping you tune into the bigger picture, expand your perceptions and align with the right people to make this all happen. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your personal compass. It is giving you the messages to create your “magical life.”

Another powerhouse in the equation is  Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is creating innovative opportunities in physical form (Taurus).  It’s helping you tune into your physical body and what messages you’re receiving. You may have burst of insight and creativity that open new pathways towards your passions. Be flexible and dance like the flames in a fire. Squash your doubts and fears by standing in your power, being mindful of your fears, but letting courage guide your steps. Take risks by the inspiration your feel! Go out on a limb. Allow yourself to dream big and follow the inspired steps as they appear. Capitalize on this energy to take your life and your dreams to the next level!  Make sure you’re applauding your efforts no matter how small the steps. It’s moving you towards your goals.

New Connections
With the Aquarius Full Moon comes enhanced connections with like minded people. It’s an opportunity to socialize, volunteer for something you’re passionate about, or find a way to share your knowledge and wisdom. Make the most of this Full Moon by discovering what astrology house it’s falling in for you. This will give you insight into your next step and helps you make sense of what’s taking place in your life.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Aquarius Full Moon? Review the goals you set six months ago with the Aquarius New Moon. You may have reached them, or perhaps you’ll have additional insight to take them further or make adjustments to enhance your success.

What will you do Release with the Aquarius Full Moon?

What will you Reclaim?

Happy Full Moon!